Anne Lyman Powers, American (1922 - )

Anne Lyman Powers personal statement:

I was first interested in painting around the age of sixteen. So I studied both painting and sculpture during whatever times I had free – during school, college and summers. I have always preferred realist painting with recognizable subject matter – but a subject matter that has two aspects. The first is that the subjects should be explicit – portraits, human or animal forms, landscapes, still life and so on. I have never limited myself in any way here. I say to myself that I’ll paint anything, any time, anywhere. So most of it reflects my home and family, friends, occupations and travels. I feel free to absorb influences from any direction: a bit of surrealism, a bit of pop, a bit of abstract expressionism.

The second aspect addresses the object which is the painting – or whatever the work is – its composition, color relationships and texture. The considerations here should obey rules for abstraction. The marriage between these two principal aspects should be accomplished in a way which makes possible and enhances a feeling, an experience or a statement about the world in which we live or about the human condition. In short: a realist abstraction or abstract realism. That’s where the interest lies for me—in the tension to be resolved.

I am lucky to be able to paint at home. In addition to my painting studio, I have a press for etching. The lithographs are printed at Fox Graphics which is located now in Merrimac.

The Winsor School; painting: David Park. Independently, sculpture: Mary Moore, painting: Ernest Thurn
Vassar College; sculpture: Elizbeth de Casimo Geiger.
Columbia University; sculpture: Hugo Robus.
Boston Museum School; painting: Karl Zerbe. Drawing and graphics: Ture Bengzt.

Boston Museum School - painting instructor.
Wellesley College - painting instructor (1949-1950)
Private instruction.

Boston Public Library
The Andover Companies
Harvard Trust Company
Firestone Library, Princeton University
Springfield Basketball Hall of Fame
The Boston Globe

Artists Equity, Boston Visual Artists Union, Boston Printmakers

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