Paul Puccio, Sicilian (1934 - )

An artist inspired by the human form, Paul Puccio is a sculptor who began taking an interest in the shaping of stone when he was barely five years old.

Motivated by a fascination for the natural beauty, this spirited and imaginative artist, born in Sicily in June 1934, aside from following in the footsteps his father and grandfather in the marble industry, also followed the path to which he felt drawn, that of art and sculpture. He became fascinated with creating the primary forms in the most beautiful materials appropriate for a sculptor: marble, onyx, and other semi-precious stones.

Paul Puccio emigrated to America with his family in 1950. A short time later, his father Giuseppe Puccio started Puccio Marble & Onyx, Inc., a business dedicated to the working of marble and other semiprecious stones.

Every object, every form, every sculpture born from the pairing of his skill and imagination, has a distinct mark that is his alone, recognizable and inimitable, just as the renowned art critics have defined it.

"It is a moving experience," maintains Paul Puccio, "to be inspired by something precious, like the figure of a woman or the beauties of nature, and to immortalize it in marble or onyx," and he adds: "The true splendor of stone is to be found under the dark rough exterior of the block." As clearly evidenced, Paul's intuitive genius at uncovering and exploiting the subtle and otherwise not so subtle coloration and veining within these various mediums is wholly unrivaled.

Under Paul's artistic direction and under the executive direction of his brother John, the Puccio family has been successful in creating a gallery worthy of showcasing their life’s work, The Metropolitan Design Center, located at 271 Metropolitan Avenue, in the artistic heart of Brooklyn, New York. It is there that you will see exhibited a collection of original Paul Puccio sculpture regarded by many as the most beautiful in the world and where you will be further awestruck at witnessing his boundless creative talent as it has been translated into a collection of original Puccio furniture that is truly the world's ultimate—each piece an artistic jewel unto itself...timeless and elegant, yet ever so functional and built to last literally throughout the ages. Marble & Onyx, Inc. has become the world's leading fabricator of quality marble and onyx furniture, sculptures and interiors.

Paul Puccio has established himself clearly as one of the most renowned and cultivated sculptors and designers of our times. He has invented and patented, both in the United States and Italy, a system enabling stone to be structurally fortified so as to create forms and designs never before possible. His works are in ever increasing demand by prominent figures in society, and by important architects, decorators and art collectors, not only in the United States, but around the World. More recent, are his works in bronze and steel, many of which he was commissioned to create.

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