Juan Gomez Quiroz, Chilean


Juan Gomez Quiroz was born in Santiago Chile and now resides in the soho district of Manhattan. He Studied painting at Yale university, Rhode Island School of Design and the University of Chile. These school set a demanding standard for their students. The discipline and professionalism that quiroz exhibits has earned him many awards, most recently the first prize in the South American Biennial.

In a weaving pattern of brushstrokes Quiroz' still lifes are alive and vital. They seem to participate in an afterlife all their own. The Painting are a party and celebration characteristic of wine and champagne bottles. The mood and music changes throughout his painting but not the consistency. Quiroz depicts through his still life the frantic speed and dynamism of today's world, and the romantic sophistication of graceful living. The phases of movement are represented in a manner which may have been influenced the futurist.

Since the birth of perspective western art comprehended the ideas of temporal lapse within the boundaries of the canvas, and the artist is no longer confined to the representation of a single frozen movement. This is the consequence of moving with the present rather than the past of future. Quiroz' work is too dynamic to be represented as an idea of being impressionistic. Although his palette may be in soft muted tones, they are primary colors gone mad in a dance of ecstasy for the light the give them color.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
1979 Galeria Pacanins, Mexico City
1979 Museum of Modern Art, Guadalajara, Mexico
1978 Gloria Cortella Gallery, New York
1977 Schubert Gallery, Marbella, Spain
1976 Galleria balcon les Images, Montreal, Canada
1975 Ars Concentra Gallery, Lima Peru
1972 Summit Art Center, New Jersey
1970 Alonzo Gallery, New York
1964 Ledesma Gallery, New York
1961 Sals Decor, Santiago Chile
1967 University Gallery, Santa Barbara, California
1966 Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven Connecticut
1965 Second Annual Exhibition of Lithography, University of Florida
1964 Museum of Modern Art New York
1964 Brooklyn Museum, New York
Permanent Collections
  De Menil Collection, Houston, Texas
  Boston Museum of Fine Arts
  Brooklyn Museum
  Cincinnati Art Museum
  Center for Inter-American Relations
  The Chase Manhattan Bank
  Everson Museum of Art
  Museo de Bellas Artes, Santiago Chile
  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
  Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago, Chile
  Museum of Modern Art, New York
  New York Public Library
  New York University Art Collection
  University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  Cornell University, New York
  Guggenheim Museum, New York

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