Klaus Raasch, German

Wolfgang Rabe

Klaus Raasch works in Hamburg as a designer, printer and publisher of artist books with original graphics. Preferred technique is the woodcut in all variations, often combined with traditional lead and wood engravings.

Klaus Raasch plays with the elements of tradition and modernity, in order to ban the quintessence to small to medium formats. These pictures have it all in themselves, are visual dream trips, which can be interpreted anew, or poetic character games, which tell miraculous stories. The lightness - and often ambiguity - of the motifs indicates that the artist is as familiar with the secrets of typography as with the traditional tools of "black art".

Klaus Raasch prefers the technique of the woodcut, but refuses to commit to a specific shaping language. It attracts the variety of possibilities, the experiment - recognizable "hallmarks" are the craftsmanship precision and the calculated game with the chance. The studio, in which he prints artist's books and graphical cycles, is not only a place of production but also an inspiration source. Objects and collages of characters and print forms are created, from waste and cuttings, from randomly found and specifically sought.

 "Klaus Raasch's graphics and graphical cycles show how far the familiar world of everyday objects can be alienated until it reveals its true face: the peaceful and daring juxtaposition and chaos of order". - Michael Main

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