Harold Rigsby, American

Harold Rigsby holds a degree with honors from Herron School of Art-Indiana University and has studied at Western Kentucky University, The Louisville School of Art and in Mexico at the Instituto-Allende.

After Art School Rigsby spent three years at a tourist attraction working as a portrait artist. In 1975 he accepted a position with a pharmaceutical company as advertising director. In 1978, while still working in advertising, Rigsby released his first print. The edition of 3000 prints sold out in three weeks. This produced the income to do what he had so often wished for, and that was to paint full time. The next few months were spent painting daily and many works were produced. From a selection of 25 original works, the "Siberian Tiger" was chosen to print. This was the first of his wildlife prints and the beginning of an ever growing and successful career.

Rigsby finds his subjects in zoos across the country. He will often spend hours studying a single animal from life. Sketches and photographs are made from which the finished work is produced in his home studio.

Rigsby is adept in several mediums although pastels are his favorite for wildlife paintings. He feels that no other medium lends itself so well to the textures of animal fur. He strives to make each of his paintings literally come to life.

A statement by the artist:

If occasionally one passerby, who kills our wildlife thoughtlessly and without feeling, one person who would kill the last of an endangered species without a second thought, can look into the eyes of one of my animals and see something he hasn't seen before, if he can see the power, the beauty and the innocence which is embodied in every one of God's creatures, and if this can cause him to give some thought to why he kills and possibly give him reason not to kill again, then everything I have hoped for has been accomplished.

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