Juan Garcia Ripolles, Spanish (1932 - )

Juan Garcia Ripolles

Juan Ripollés Garcia was born on September 4, 1932. Following the birth of John Ripollés twin brother dies and his mother, and appears in Castellon to 11 years. The memories of her childhood are mixed with the horrors of the Spanish civil war-memories that will endure forever. These memories are in the climate of the black paintings of Goya. A life of the child, without time to be a child.
     The most beautiful memories of that time is their knowledge and deep love of nature, trees, animals, solitude with them, to light and color.
     The loneliness of human filled with small clay figures that the same model.

1944 At age 12 started working as an apprentice in an industrial painting company.
From 12 to 20 years to go at night classes in drawing school of Arts and Crafts Francisco Ribalta of Castellon.
1954 is apparent from his own industrial company to move to Paris and set his residence there until 1963.
1958 Become a part of the group of painters from the gallery Drouand from Paris, by Bernard Buffet move in this gallery of the David and Garnier of this city.
Marries Rosa, in Castellon.
1959 Paint the 12 tables for the Church of Saint-Paul TigranCommune of Chaulgnes (Nievre) in the ownership of Mr. Albert Achdjian (France). During the period of residence in Paris, travels through Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Greece and Switzerland

1958 París Drouand
1959 Nièvre Iglesia Saint-Paul de TigranCommune de Chaulgnes
1962 Barcelona Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona
1963 Sevilla Pasarela
1969 Nueva York
1973 Madrid Anne Barchet
1973 Ciudad de México Miranda
1974 Amsterdam D'eendt
1978 Barcelona Laietana
1978 Madrid El coleccionista
1982 Valencia Theo
1982 Barcelona Laxaste
1984 Madrid D´Eendt Feria ARCO
1984 Eindhoven Fundación Philips
1985 Madrid Estiarte
1985 Valencia Theo
1985 Bruselas BP Gallery
1987 Veere, en Walcheren De Schotse Huizen
1988 Granada Palacio de Madraza, Universidad de Granada
1988 Madrid Centro cultural Conde Duque
1988 Valencia Val y 30 Interarte
1988 Gante Val y 30 Line-Art
1988 Amsterdam Kooring
1989 París SAGA 89 (FIAC Edition) Grand Palais
1989 Basilea ART´89
1990 Castellón de la Plana Escultura de hierro en el Planetario de Castellón
1990 París SAGA ´90 (FIAC edition) Grand Palais
1990 Estocolmo Bosquet Art-Fair ´90
1990 Maastricht Husstege The International European Art-Fair ´90
1991 París Bosquet SAGA ´91 (FIAC Edition)
1991 Estocolmo Art-Fair 91-Pabellon Español
1992 Miami Bosquet MIAMI ART ´92, Convention Centre (Art Deco District)
1992 Amsterdam Art Woks
1992 Valencia Bosquet Interarte
1993 París Dionne SAGA ´93 (FIAC Edition) GRAND PALAIS
1993 Maastricht The International European Art-Faire ´93
1993 's-Hertogenbosch Husstege
1993 Düsseldorf Husstege Art Multiple ´93
1993 Chicago Kass Meridian Gallery
1994 Miami Kass Meridian MIAMI ART ´94
1994 Evian Club Royal, Sala Rostropovich
1994 Amsterdam Art-Works Bienal Sculptur
1994 Düsseldorf Bosquet y Dionne Art Multiple ´94
1995 Nueva York Dionne Art-Expo 95
1995 Veere, en Walcheren Delta-Cultureel
1995 Lausana Paul Valloton y Catherine Niederhauser
1995 Düsseldorf La Aurora y Dionne Art Multiple ´95
1995 Lausana Catherine Niederhauser
1997 París Dionne
1997 Ulm Fischerplatz Galeria
1997 Ginebra Cigarini
1997 's-Hertogenbosch Husstege
1997 Amsterdam Husstege PAN ´97
1997 Lausana Catherine Niederhauser
1997 Berlín Kühn
1998 Vall d'Alba Monumento de bronce El Toro de la Vall d'Alba
1998 Bremen Kühn
1998 Amsterdam Art-Works
1998 Münster Schnake
1998 Amsterdam Husstege PAN ´98
1998 Saint-Tropez Charles Vasserot
1998 Marbella José Palomo
1998 Palma de Mallorca Casal Solleric
1998 Düsseldorf Fischerplatz Art Multiple ´98
1999 Ulm Fischerplatz Art Multiple ´99
1999 Düsseldorf Fischerplatz Art Multiple ´99
1999 Múnich In Der Prannerstrasse
1999 Amsterdam Husstege Kunst RAI '99
1999 Ginebra Cigarini
1999 Amsterdam Art-Works
1999 Salou Paseo de las Esculturas
1999 Alicante Museo de la Universidad
1999 Villarreal Museo de la Ciudad
2000 Colonia Fischerplatz Galerie Kunst Köln 2000
2000 Amsterdam Art-Works
2000 's-Hertogenbosch Husstege
2000 Valencia Palacio del Almudin

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