Gerard Sebastian, Spanish (1930 - 1996)

Gerard Sebastian was born in 1930 in San Sebastian, Spain,where he lived for twenty-one years. He studied in Madrid under Juan A. Morales and Rafael Boti. After leaving his native country , he worked with Armand Altaba in France, and Albert Schlosser in Germany. In 1958 he moved to the United States, where he engraved for a Franciscan monastery, and where he has since lived and painted.

Once Gerard Sebastian came to the United States he resided in New Jersey. Most of his works depict the Spanish people and landscapes, and even his still lifes will remind you of Spain.

His compatriot, Salvador Dali, said of his works: "Sebastian's landscapes, still lifes and subjects are as Spanish as the bullfight and Sevilla, but more so, for Sebastian paints with a pure Iberian flavor. His somber street scenes are full of vigor and grandeur, and superb simplicity is found in his realistic indoor settings.

In spite of extensive European travel and study, Sebastian remains intrinsically Spanish in favor and scope. His highly controlled later paintings reveal haunting nostalgia for Spanish peasants, expresion, architecture and landscape. In the few years he has lived in America he has achieved notable acclaim for his reminiscent and powerful works.

The artist comments: "When I was younger I wanted to have a bit of conflict in every square inch of each painting I made. Today I have changed this early need and have become orderly , not leaving much chance or just good luck. I arrive at the finished work with the help of a very good visual memory of my country of origin, Spain..."


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