Malka Tsentsiper, Lithuanian (1947 - )

Lithuanian-born, Israeli artist, Malka Tsentsiper´s work generally depicts a wide array of interesting URBAN scenes and ABSTRACTS.

This interesting artist was trained in Mathematics in Technion, Haifa (1966 – 1969), and Musicology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1970 – 1973). Over the last many years, she has also emphasized her Art studies: first at public courses in the Israeli Museum and at the Center of Arts in Jerusalem followed by studies and practices at the private studios of several known Israeli artists (Morin Fain, Eliyahu Nijago, Pesach Palit, Ambrosio Cohen, Koby Regev and Shulamit Volk).

In sculpture the leading theme of her art are grotesque Jewish characters; mainly those that continue to live in the books of Yiddish writers, especially Shalom Aleichem. Malka Tsentsiper works mainly in clay, although some sculptures are also cast in bronze.

The paintings of the last years are dedicated to “Masks and Faces” – a fascinating theme that allows to transform faces to masks and vice versa. These are, for example, “Smiling Cats” series or various small size masks (that can be combined in double, triple and so on sets). All those include an element of humor and grotesque, a leading element of recent Malka’s paintings.

The paintings of the previous years are dedicated to “At cafee and musicians”, “Urban impressions” series, Abstracts and impressions from landscapes: Jerusalem, Venice, Prague,...

A Selected list of her GROUP EXHIBITIONS:

1999 -
- Paintings, "Museum Windows", Ramat-Aviv, Israel
- Paintings, Cultural Center "Riverdale", New York, USA

2000 -
- Paintings and Sculptures, The Bible Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel
- Painting and Sculptures, City Hall, Modi'in, Israel

2001 –
- Paintings, City Hall, Modi'in, Israel

2002 -
- Paintings and Sculptures, "Avi-Or" Gallery, Kfar Ruth, Israel
- Sculptures, "Ophir" Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2003 –
- Painting, "Fashion" exhibition, Ein-Hod Gallery, Artist village Ein-Hod, Israel

2004 -
-Salon des Artistes Independants, Paris
2005 -
-Paintings, The Bible Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel


2003 –
- Paintings and Sculptures, "Amaliya Arbel" Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
- Paintings and Sculptures, Ein-Hod Gallery, Artist village Ein-Hod, Israel

2005 -
- Paintings and Sculptures, ZOA gallery, Tel-Aviv

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