Roldan West, Nicaraguan/American

I was born in Nicaragua, My mother was a nurse born in Cadiz, Spain, My father was an African, a medical doctor graduated in California USA and doing service in the navy, making me a navy brad....anyways, I started to paint at the age of 3, even though I don't remember, My mother does and still keep some of my drawings.

As a teenager I joined the revolution in Nicaragua and then after, I joined the literacy campaign to illustrate billboards ad to motivate peasants to learn to read and write. This experience motivated me to go to an art school in Managua, While I was student I participated with Sergio Michellini creating murals in Managua in celebration of the Sandinista revolution, doing my first mural at the age of 15, I also worked with Dieter Manzur a known artist from germany . This experience took me to Mexico to learn more about the Muralists Orozco,Sequeiros and Diego Rivera, While in Mexico I did studies at the Academy of San Carlos with Arnold Belkin and Gerardo Cantu and have a fellowship at the school of art La Esmeralda. I worked with Belkin at the University of Iztapalapa and also at the print shop of Rufino Tamayo in Cuernavaca. From both artist I carry their legacy, and I had been influenced the most I worked with Fanny Ravel and other Mexican artist as well. I went to farther my studies to Europe with a fellowship from the Ministry of Culture of Mexico, Thanks to a couple of letter of recommendations from two very important Mexican artist.

In fact all I did was travel all over Europe, Asia and Africa and that really deep my understanding that we the human being were in extinction as well as animals and nature. After 3 an half year traveling across Europe, Asia and Africa, I came back to Mexico broke and with no jobs I went to the Zona Rosa and started to do spray cans painting something I learned with Belkin using the air brush, however there was no way to do air brush on the street, so I use spray cans, and even though I got kicked out so many time by the police I managed to make enough money to have my own apartment. Living with Sadot as a roommate in those two months may him to pick it up my formula. "La Zona Rosa" which is known for having tourist and many of them goes to Theotihucan, where the pyramids of the sun and the moon are located.

Now many artist picked that up and is around the world the use of spray cans and the pyramid/cosmos topic, Many may not know where it come from but it is attractive to the eyes. like People will say "What comes around goes around" Which make me think I had influenced other people. As I have been influenced by Tamayo and Belkin. I have been in the USA for about 15 years now on and off, and I have done murals in a few estates, Florida, Pennsylvania,Delaware, New York, as well as Mexico, Italy, and France. but they are more walls to represent our struggle and effort for a better world or for the stimulation of our own living, I believe we are at the point of admitting our weakness and admit art is our healing power as it was to our ancestors, Art is the communicator of generations to come, creativity is the only form we human know how to relate to it. Art is harmony and wisdom of the world, God the creator make it that way, therefore should not be war but creativity and equality, at the end we all are gonna be gone. what is left is their or our legacy to be continue, so i guess that's the main idea.

War is not a solution, let them be die for natural cause and not by hunger and cleansing. Let's stop the poverty of the world. I had promised that every piece of art I will sell I have a moral respond to these children, so don't hesitate to contact me, and make your comments,no just your adds "One love, One heart, One world".

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