Stefani Nishi, American

Stefani Nishi studied printmaking (lithography, etching, linoleum block printing) with Jan Carlile and painting with, among others, Lois Dodd and Lennart Anderson at Brooklyn College. She participated in the Brooklyn College Press as a printer, curator, and included artist in the Women's Print Portfolio. She has shown in N.Y.C. and Rockland County, N.Y. Her work is the collections of Prudential Life Insurance and the Exxon Corporation. Stefani was the recipient of Shaw Awards at Brooklyn College in 1985 and 1987.

“My most influential teacher was my father, the late Ken Nishi, who painted the way he cast a line in a salmon stream -with sureness of placement, deftness, and grace. I miss his unclouded eye.

Since having children, much of my creativity has focused on projects with them —from Japanese kite-making to scenery for school plays and murals —activities which are rewarding, certainly, but, for me, cannot compare with the solitude of paints, sketchbook, and landscape.

Living part of the year in Nova Scotia, one cannot help but be immersed in the elements. Rain climbs up windows and sand is always underfoot. There, like that speck of boat in a wash of blue, one is dwarfed by nature. I like to paint in the elements, where nature doesn't allow you too much control. I am interested in that play of light and sweeping cloud shadow as the weather changes. It's a dialogue that I am but eavesdropping on; there, I am reminded, if I stop to blink, I'll miss the show.”

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