Alaert du Hamel, Dutch (1450 - 1506)

Alaert du Hamel

ALAERT du Hamel ( ' s - Hertogenbosch, 1450 - Antwerp , ca 1506) , also written as Alart du Hameel or Duhameel , was a southern Dutch architect, sculptor, printmaker and draftsman. He also designed ecclesiastical objects like monstrances and canopies.

The exact year of birth is unknown Du Hamel . The year 1449 is incorrect and based on a false portrait drawing by Hieronymus Bosch Du Hamel labeled ' Anno 1504 Aetatis 55' (from the year 1504 , aged 55 ). He was from 1478 to 1494 engaged in ' s- Hertogenbosch , where he was a master pilot of the present St. John's Cathedral . In 1478, its name was first mentioned in a contract for the south aisle of St John . In 1478 along with his sister and the architect Jan Heyns outer member when he was admitted to the Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Lady . Under Du Hamel's leadership was built at the chapel of the brotherhood in Saint John , the present H. Sacrament Chapel. Thus, in 1486-1487 he made a drawing of the net vault of the chapel . Probably he also designed the rest of the chapel and carried it out . He also designed a monstrance carried out in 1484 by the Cologne goldsmith Henry de Borchgrave . Whether he is the font from 1492 in St. John Aert van Tricht designed is uncertain.

On November 1, 1484 his first wife, Marguerite of Auweningen died. Her tombstone , possibly designed by Du Hamel , in St John bears the inscription : "Here leit buried Margriete of Auwenige Alart du Hamiel Meister Vanden wercke husvrou who die in alder Heilighen adventurous and Anno 1484 . In 1494 Du Hamel moved to Louvain , where he was, among other works at the St. Peter's Church . He was also active in Brussels and Antwerp , where he died probably not until around 1506 , during the second half of 1509 .

Du Hamel must have been the Bossche painter Hieronymus Bosch . Friend Both artists were members of the Illustre Brotherhood of Our Lady , and both were involved in the construction and decoration of St. John , one an architect and the other as a painter . Du Hamel are three known engravings , which are executed in a style close to that of Bosch is similar : a Last Judgment , an elephant and a Saint Christopher . The first two engravings German art historian Max Friedländer says this as " Bosch -like his , 'that we are Entitled to Assume a drawing by the master [ Bosch ] served as the model , in other words that they are made ​​to Bosch's work . On the third engraving - Holy Christopher - Friedländer says that it is designed earlier by a magnifying imitator , then Bosch itself. Contain three prints next to the brand of Du Hamel also labeled " bossche . This title does not refer to Hieronymus Bosch . It was in the 15th century is unusual for both the maker and the designer to appear in an engraving, and so it is assumed that it refers to Du Hamel's hometown , ' s- Hertogenbosch.

Du Hamel is a small body of work has been preserved , mainly consisting of engravings. His work had a lot of success . Thus picture of Saint Peter was used as an example for the doors of the Bossche Judgement Game and there are 16th - century copies of his Last Judgment and Elephant . All known prints of his Saint Christopher are printed on 17th century paper , which shows that this print was still experienced interest . From Du Hamel is a fantasy portrait from the 19th century.

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