Lloyd Lozes Goff, American (1918 - 1982)

Lloyd Lozes Goff

Like most boys raised in the West, Lloyd Goff's favorite childhood game was "Playing Cowboy" and his earliest drawings depict his heroes in boots and spurs. Even his first formal art training was with the trail-driver cowboy turned cattle painter, Frank Reaugh of Oak Cliff, Texas. In spite of a strict regimen of painting and drawing from nature, "the Reaugh trips," annual sketching and camping jaunts were a delight to the boy artist.

A native of Dallas, Texas, Lloyd Lozes Goff considered New Mexico his home. He had studios in both Albuquerque, N.M. and New York City and studied at The Art Students League, New York.

His interest in hot-air ballooning produced two exhibitions of balloon subjects in the United States following his London exhibition of paintings featuring the moon a recurring theme in his work.

As a W.P.A. artist, Goff made a significant contribution to mural painting during the 1930s, painting his own commissions from the Treasury Department and corporations, as well as assisting Paul Cadmus, Reginald Marsh, and Edward Laning on important commissions they had received. Goff's murals are preserved in the U.S. and Canada, notably the U.S. Post Office in Cooper, Texas.

From 1936 to 1940, Goff studied on a scholarship in New York at the Art Students League with George Grosz and Kenneth Hayes Miller. In 1939, Goff was chosen to exhibit several works at the New York World's Fair, and that same year the Whitney Museum purchased one of his paintings--a milestone for a Texas artist at that time.

At age 32 in 1940 Goff moved to New Mexico where he studied and taught at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque until 1945 when he moved back to New York City.

Although he travelled and painted all over the world into the 1970s, particularly in Mexico, he kept homes in New Mexico, Texas, and New York throughout his life. He always steadfastly insisted that he was a "Texas artist".

"It was on one of these trips when, as the youngest member, I was 'The Kid'" Goff recalls. I was excited by an overnight stay at the famous 'Four Six Ranch,' the 6666, on the Texas Plains. The next day our truck and car caravan crossed into the 'Land of Enchantment' and it was not long until I fell under the spell of this land and loved it. The ardent infatuation lives on more than ever!"

Goff enrolled in the Fine Arts Department of the University of New Mexico after five years as a Schnakenberg Scholarship Student at the Art Student's League of New York, studied at the Academie Juliene, Paris, and spent several years as a Fellow at the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation. At the university, he studied with Kenneth Adams and Raymond Jonson, and later taught as Assistant Professor of Art. During his second year of teaching, Goff was Acting Head of the Art Department.

Lloyd Lozes Goff has lived and worked in New York, London and Albuquerque where his studio is a 200-year old adobe ranch house. At home in many climates. Goff approaches landscape with a native's insight, distilling with equal skill atmospheres as divergent as Europe, Africa and the Americas. Far from being prosaic recordings, Goff captures both the spirit and color of many lands.

In his personal philosophy concerning his art, Goff says, "I practice a free flow of feeling about a subject. I am trying to produce an atmosphere, a spirit of the theme. I am not reproducing a scene or object, not copying a subject, but rather making a new creation . . . using whatever subject matter as a springboard, not as an end in itself."

  • Artz Gallery, 1957,1959
  • Juster Gallery, 1960, '62, '65
  • Blondelle Gallery, 1966
  • Roko Gallery, 1968
  • Roko Gallery, 1971
  • Roko Gallery, 1972
  • Roko Gallery, 1974
  • American Academy and Institute of Arts & Letters
  • The Whitney Museum of American Art
  • The Carnegie Institute "Painting In U.S." Annual Exhibit
  • National Academy of Art
  • Pennsylvania Academy of Art
  • Corcoran Museum, Washington, D.C.
  • Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas, TX.
  • Galeria of Arte Mexicano, Mexico, D.F.
  • Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe
  • Santa Fe Opera Association, Santa Fe, N.M.
  • Lawrence Galleries, Dallas, TX.
  • Furman Gallery, Farmington, N.M.
  • The New West, Albuquerque, N.M.
  • The Lovelace Medical Cent., Albuquerque, N.M.
  • Helena Rubinstein, Fiffh Avenue Salon, NYC
  • Garden Mural, Beau Village Restaurant, Greenwich Village, NYC
  • Home Mural, Judge Lindley Miller Estate. Oyster Bay, NY
  • Federal Bldgs. Hollis, OkIa., Cooper, TX
  • Home Mural, John Bush, "Sailtops Farm," Rudgwick, England
  • Whitney Museum of American Art
  • Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford Museum
  • Library of Congress
  • West Point Collection
  • U.S. Military Academy, Berg Collection
  • N.Y. Public Library
  • Yale University Music Collection
  • American Academy of Arts and Letters
  • Syracuse University Collection
  • American Academy of Arts and Letters
  • University of Vermont
  • U.S. Department of the Interior
  • Dallas Museum of Fine Arts
  • Museo de Belles Artes, Mexico
  • Helena Rubinstein
  • Betty Parsons
  • Stuyvesant Van Veen
  • Edith Meiser
  • Lucille Ball
  • Philip Ober
  • William Herz, Jr.
  • Vivian Vance
  • Paul Cadmus
  • Katheryn Hurd
  • H.E. Schnakenberg
  • Sidney Presberg

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