Zvi Livni, Polish (1927 - )

Zvi Livni

Zvi Livni was born in the town of Lodz in Poland, and commenced his artistic education at the Art Academy in Warsaw. He came to Israel as a young man. Here he lived for many years in a kibbutz and was one of the founders of the artist group of the Kibbutz Artzi. He left Israel on several occasions in order to continue his studies and spent much time in Germany, France and Italy.

He was among the founders of the famous Artists' Colony in Safed, where he lives and works most of the year and where he exhibits at a permanent one-man show.

Livni's first One-Man Exhibition in Tel-Aviv was held in 1936. Since then he has held several more One-Man Exhibitions in Israel, and he has also participated in many General Exhibitions.

In 1953 he exhibited in Paris, France;
1954 in Zurich, Switzerland;
1961 in New York, Boston and Philadelphia, U.S.A. ;
1962 in Toronto, Canada;
1965 in Baltimore and Washington, U.S.A. ;
1966 in New York, Miami and New Haven, U.S.A.
He has also participated in many exhibitions in Europe and South Mrica.

Livni has also become a well-known lithographer and is skilled in all the techniques of this highly specialized branch of art.

Particular mention should be made of his albums of colored lithographs.

He has also achieved a reputation as illustrator of various books and illuminator of Passover Haggadot.

His paintings are to be found in many museums and well-known private collections in Israel, U.S.A., Canada and Europe, including the Residence of the President of the State of Israel, Jerusalem; the Museum of Art in Toronto, Canada; the Museum of Modern Art, Brandeis University, Boston; the Museum of Art, Yale University, New Haven; the Brooklyn Museum, New York.

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