Loren Munk, American (1951 - )    

Loren Munk

Loren Munk originally hails from the great American West. He has fond memories of his birthplace, Salt Lake City, Utah. SLC provided an idyllic environment with natural splendors and good friends always close at hand. At age eleven Loren, his Mother and two brothers moved north to Pocatello, Idaho. Here Loren received much of his education and held a variety of jobs. Among his varied activities he: moved irrigation pipe, operated the studio camera for the evening television news, and illustrated courtroom scenes for the media.

In retrospect, two vocations were to have particular importance with regard to Loren's developing esthetic. In the early seventies Loren designed and fabricated metalwork using gold, silver and precious and semi-precious stones. From 1976-1978 Munk was a creative force in the printshop at Idaho State University at which time he produced over 60 unique silkscreen poster designs.

Searching for an education beyond academics, Loren traveled to Central America after his freshman year at Idaho State University. Realizing that fulfilling his dream to paint would require direct contact with the works of the masters, Loren enlisted in the U.S. Army, 1972-1975. He trained as a medic and served two and half years in Germany. His spare time was well spent, traveling to museums and painting in a makeshift studio in his barracks.

Upon leaving the Army Loren reestablished a studio in Pocatello and continued to study and work at Idaho State. In 1979, with the help of a small inheritance from his father, Loren moved to New York City and attended classes at the Art Students League on the GI Bill, and later as a scholarship recipient. Hell's Kitchen provided a colorful home base and a jarring introduction to city life. When not studying at the ASL Loren took an interest in the local architecture, especially the classic mirror-laden movie theatres around Times Square. The cross pollination of the scenes from the street and the ambiance of the movie house decor eventually made its way into his paintings.

In 1981 Loren's work debuted in SoHo with a double show at J. Fields Gallery and Gabrielle Bryers. At about this time he moved his studio to Red Hook, Brooklyn where he currently resides with his wife, also a painter, and two sons.

Loren has established a truly international career. In addition to exhibiting in Brazil, France, Germany and the United States, Munk has received national and overseas public and private commissions. He is well represented in important collections throughout Europe, South and North America and the Middle East.

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