Kyu Sun Ariola, Korean/American

Kyu Sun Ariola

Autobiography of Kyu Sun Ariola 

Kyu’s mom and dad met while her dad was in the military service, and her mom was house maid for the rich family in Seoul South, Korea .My dad joined the military early at his age and experienced the Korean war.  Then they moved to the deep mountain valleys and settled in to farm life.  They purchased a house, started a family, and my grandfather lived with them.      

First mom gave birth to two sons, and then a third child, Kyu , who is the first girl in the family. After Kyu, one younger brother was born then mom gave birth to two more younger sisters.  When she had Kyu in her stomach, Kyu’s mom had special birth dreams.  In the dream, a dark black giant USA military air force airplane was at grandma’s house then the airplane flew to in the sky then stayed for a while.  The airplane had two shiny eyes that twinkled bright light.  Also, the airplane had two large wings.  After her dream, she was very scared and afraid to give birth because she was worried, confused, sad and also very depressed.

       Because of these strange dreams, Kyu’s mom decided to make Kyu die while she was in her stomach, so she ran to the old Korean herb doctor then asked him  may I have medicine to end the baby 's life while Kyu was inside her stomatch.  Before she ran to the doctor, Grandfather knew about her plans and before she ran to the doctor he visited the doctor and asked him for something. 

If Kyu’s mom came and asked for medicine to end Kyu’s life, then give to her medicine to make her baby grow strong and healthy.  Then mom got tricked by both of them.  She took the Korean herb.  My Grandfather was very happy and kept the secret until  mom gave birth, and waited for me to come to in our world.

Mom was wondering why the baby kept growing up healthy.  After nine months mom had two hours of  natural birth then Kyu came to in our world.  Grandfather named the baby Kyu Sun Lee on Apr 10, 1965.   My Grandfather was very happy to hold the baby in his arms.  The first girl in the family, everyone was really happy. We had a total of six children in the family.  Grandfather always made us go fishing with him, and we had wonderful times while we had grandfather live in the  house made of red soil.      

We owned a large farm and grew our own foods, and vegetables.  Also inside of the house, mom made our own little chicken farm. The chickens made healthy fresh eggs for us to eat every day.  During the winter, father and Kyu always went to the mountain and caught wild rabbits. We had two dogs.  One female dog gave birth to five little puppies and mom shared the puppies with her friends.  Then her friends gave us a lot of cucumber to thank mom for giving them a little puppy.     

Each year during the spring, summer, and autumn when Kyu opened the house door, Kyu saw our farm and a lot of land.  We planted the seeds and watched how they grew healthy foods.  Mom knows how to make perfect vegetables grow and she is an excellent farmer.                                 

Every summer was always fun. We sang songs so loudly, and danced on the street even at midnight.  None of the people in the village of mountains ever complained about how we sang loudly, or played until midnight . 

Each house we visited, they all shared food, and rooms. When Kyu was five years old, every house we visited all welcomed us and always offered money, food, and drinks of sake made with rice and corn. In the country, we never had electricity or phones or store or factories.   Buses never touched in our mountain village.  Because of that environment, modern technology did not exist in our mountain village.  Kyu always had fun playing with neighbors. Kyu knocked on the neighbors house and asked them to tell a funny story and she slept in each house. 

The country people were very honest, also they never stole, and never lied.  Kyu loved mountain life.  The schools Kyu went to were all publicly run by the government of South Korea.   The history books that Kyu read said that old folks were buried alive that show no love and showed ignorance of Korean culture. The thief was hero because they stole from rich people and gave to the poor people. 

These stories teach people to have a wrong idea on how to live life.    

What Kyu really liked was while she was in Korea were the fresh foods that grew in their own large farm land.  She will never forget how fresh the farm foods were that her mom grew for as them to eat.  People’s hearts were very honest, warm, caring, and loving.                                               

What she really disliked were Korean’s toilets because they never had American toilets. Korea toilets were made by having a large hole and concrete box inside of the house, and it always smelled so bad that it made her scared to go when it got dark at night.      

She wanted to change her life then, she met an American man who was a white man when she was at the age of 16 then she got married.  The governments of South Korea asked of them to get both parents signature then after that she got an adult ID at the age of 18 then came to America.      

Her life was full of surprise.  She came to America in 1986.  She modeled for a while, got a drivers license, and started to work.  Her first job was near her apartment in Boise, Idaho.  She was a waitress at the Yenching Chinese restaurant.  She got divorced after one year of marriage and then flew back to Korea.                                                                                                                                       Then a white beam of circle light came to her dreams then that was god.  Holy Spirit began to speak to mind and ear to inspire her to understand what she was doing is wrong and asked her to change direction of her life.  She decided to come to America again then she met her exhusband Nathan in Korea.  She came to Hawaii in 1989 and settled in Wahiawa in a little studio apartment.  Right away, she began to work at a little restaurant then she gave birth to her son name Vincent Lee Ariola in 1992. In 1992 she decided she wanted to study more to improve her life .        

Today she is at the KCC college to focus on group tour art project.  Happy Travel business to improve and be successful.  She learned travel management skills at the travel college here in Honolulu, Hawaii.  She opened the Happy Travel business at home in 2001.        Today she knows how to manage the Travel Agency home business, and she did it for about 12 years.  She also has experience with loan officer jobs that refinance mortgages. She knows how to process the loans, consolidate debt, and help with cash needs for home owners.  She solved their problems when they have a hard time with a bank loan.      Today she is focused on learning to run the Happy Travel Business with management skills, and training from college. She also wants to get ready for a UH law degree and have a nonprofit foundation to help others.   Today she has an Art auction in New York Long Island Rogallery. 

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