Bimal Banerjee, American (1939 - )

Bimal Banerjee

American, born in Calcutta, India in 1939.

Lived in Paris, worked in London, Rome, and Barcelona; travelled all over Europe including the Eastern parts; travelled and lived in Toronto, Montreal, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Halifax, etc.., in Canda; traveled in Senegal and Gambia in West Africa and has resided in New York City since 1969.

He is the most influential and avant- garde artist of universal acclaimed, he who for the very first time made woke up to all of the sub- continental artists of India from their highest and deepest provencialism-and- Hindu- religion-and- Tantra- Buddhism-sleep for rising up and reaching out to and matching up with the international contemporary art movement level, through their own creative arts and also lectured at the Voice of America, All India Radio, Paris T.V. ,as well as by his published essays, and writings and poems in 1969 - 1972, from Paris , New York City and Calcutta, including meeting in person with the most famous and " isms" creators of the greatest world Master -Artists of the 20th Century of Europe as well as North America as such : Salvador Dali, Georgio de Chirico,Sonia Delaunay, Arman, Joseph Beuys and many others, for the change and salvation of the younger artists of this most conservative and religious land of India , once where BANERJEE was born, but now the most literal in head and heart and a pride American citizen, and lives and works in the greatest city of New York since 1969!

He lived and worked as a French Govt. Scholar in Paris in 1967-1970; and exhibited widely in the prominent museum and galleries in France, Spain, Italy, England, Yugoslavia and Germany ; and worked in London, Rome, Barcelona, Levanto, Italy; and extensively travelled in most of Europe, including the Eastern parts as well. 

Traveled and lived in Toronto, Montreal, Nova Scotia, New Burnwick, Quebec, Halifax, etc; and exhibited widely there in.

Also: Traveled in Senegal and Gambia in West Africa as well.

Also travelled most of the parts of the U.S.A, and has primarily resided in New York City since 1969.

He is a poet, author and essayist. Has contributed and published his works in many important and intellectual journals, magazines and newspapers since his high school years and received awards as well.

He is also a musician, singer and composer and has had many performances in Paris, Calcutta and New York; creates handmade instruments he performed with.

1988 Columbia University , Ed.D.,New York City
1981 Columbia University , Ed.M.,New York City
1980 Columbia University , M.A., New York City
1976 New York University with H.W. Janson ( Certificate), New York City
1969-72 Pratt Institute (extn),Graduate Study (Institute's Certificate & Scholar), New York
City 1967-70 Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Graduate Study (French Govt.Certificate & Scholar), Paris
1967-69 Atelier 17 (French Govt. Certificate & Scholar), Paris
1965-67 College of Art (Indian Govt. Certificate and scholar), New Delhi
1955-60 The Indian College of Art,D.F.A. (1st Class Honors), Calcutta

2012 RoGallery , New York City
1999 Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
1994 Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
1993 Chemould Gallery , Calcutta
1991 Bertha Urdang Gallery , New York City
1990 Art Heritage Gallery, New Delhi Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Calcutta
1986 New School / Parsons School of Design, New York City
1984 Columbia University , Teachers College , New York City
1979 Columbia University , Teachers College , New York City
1978 Just Above Midtown Gallery , New York City
1976 Bertha Urdang Gallery , New York City
1974 Fremar Gallery , Long Island, New York
1970 Kumar Gallery , New Delhi ,USIS Gallery, Calcutta
1969 Galerie du Haut Pave , Paris ,Cite Internationale de l'Universite de Paris, Paris
Maison Internationale, Paris
1968 Municipal Gallery , Levento , Italy Centre Culturel International , Paris
1967 Gallery Modanti , New Delhi
1966 AIFACS Gallery , New Delhi
1964 Arts and Prints Gallery , Calcutta
1963 Arts and Prints Gallery , Calcutta
1960 The Indian College of Art , Calcutta

Paris Biennale
Tokyo Biennial
British Biennial
Kanagawa Biennial
Rijeka Biennial
Ljubljana Biennial
Joan Miro Drawing Prize Exposion
Salon de Myo
Cabo Frio Biennial
Hawaii Biennial
Brooklyn Museum
Indian Trienial
Museum of Modern Art, Paris
Museum of Modern Art, Montreal, Cannada
Museum of Modern Art , Ibiza, Spain
Honolulu Academy of Arts, Honululu
Museum of Modern Arts, Tokyo and Keyoto
Natinal Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi

Picasso, Kandinsky , Dali, Matisse , Miro, Matta , Ernst, Giacomotti, Delauney Robert, Delauney Sonia, Dubuffet , Bury , Beuys , Calder , Acconci , Arman , Christo, Ray , Rioppele, Rosenquist , Hockney, Oldenberg , Feinninger , Tapies , Warhol and Zadkine

Museum of Modern Art, Paris
Museum of Modern Art , Barcelona
Museum of Fine Arts , Boston
Museum of Art, Iowa City, IA
Museum of Modern Art de la Ville de Paris, Paris
International Museum of Electrography Art, Cuenca, Spain
Radford University Art Museum , Radford , VA
Sharjah Art Museum , Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Centre National d'Art Contemporian(CNAC), Paris
Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Paris
Ministry of Cultural Affairs, France
Neil Sack Gallery , Johannesburg, South Africa
National Academy of Art, New Delhi
National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi
Essex Library, London
The Pallas Gallery , London
Honolulu Academy of Art, Honolulu,HI
Rockfeller Brothers Foundation, New York City
New York Public Library's Norie Fund Collection , New York City
Brooklyn Museum Institute of Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn , NY
Brooklyn Museum , Brooklyn , NY

2010 Robert Rauschenberg , Grant , Tempa , FL Artists' Fellowship , New York City
1998 2000 Distinguished People of the 20th Century Medal , IBC, Cambridge, UK
1989 Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation Grant Award , New York City
1984 World Culture Prize , Statue of Victory , for Arts, Letters & Sciences, National Center for Study and Research , Salsomaggiore, Italy
1978-80 CETA Artists Project , New York City
1980, 73, 71 Hawaii Biennial, Honolulu Academy of Arts , Honululu , HI
1978 Arthur Kaplan Award, Silvermine Guild of Artists , New Canaan , CT
1972 Painters & Sculptors Society Award, Jersey City , NJ
1970 , 67 National Award , National Academy of Art, India
1968 Centre Cultural International Award , Paris, France
1967 -70 French Government Grant,France
1967 Academy Award , Bengal State, India Academy Award , Punjab State, India
1965-67 Indian Government National Grant, India

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1983-84 Mural (six panels ), P.S. 164 and 193 , Flushing , Queens, NY
1979 Mural (triptych ) , Project Find , Clinton Senior Citizens Center, New York City
Screen Project , Port Authority , New York / New Jersey , PATH Station , New York City
1978 Murals (two panels), Port Richmond Day Care Center , Long Island , NY
1972 Silk Screen Project , Pratt Institute , Brooklyn , NY
1970 Graphics , New York Graphics Society, New York City
1968 Mural (five panels ) Mario Manto , Levanto , Italy
GIFT : $ 5,000,000 worth of modern Master- Artists of the Twentieth Century 's art works of the West , as the National Treasure of India , to the National Galleryof Modern Art , New Delhi and also to the Victoria Memorial Hall museum , Calcutta , to memorialize his late artist - mother , Madhabilata , and late classical Indian music patron and connoisseur , Dasarathi Bannerjee of ''Sati- Sadan'' at Bhawanipore in Calcutta , and also to glorify the celebration of the 300th Birthday of the city of Calcutta. The great artists are Braque , Dali,Miro , de Chirico , Robert and Sonia Delaunay , Motherwell , Klee , Arp and others.

1979 Channel 13 , WNET: the Federal Artist , CCF / CETA Artist Project , New York City, August 12 Channel 31 ,WNYC : The Federal Artist ,CCF / CETA Artist Project , NJ , June 29 Video : Portrait - Banerjee , directed by Eric Drust , produced by Media Works , with grant from NEA , Washington , DC Video Banerjee , Duet Tribute to 2000 , a creation of Fumagework on canvas with sound of self - composed and performed music , Hofstra University , Long Island , New York February 29, 1979
1978 Taped Interview , Judd Tully , CCF / CETA Artist Project Archieve , residingat the Museum of Modern Art , New York City
Video : Banerjee - The Concept of Art , by Randy Williams & David Hammons for the Just Above Midtown Gallery , New York City
1977 Video : Banerjee at Work , Ed Dyson for Just Above Midtown Gallery , New York City
1972 Radio : Voice of America , from New York to New Delhi ,
'' My Life and Contemporary American Art ''
Radio : Discussion of Modern Art Movement and Indian Artists , Calcutta
1970 Radio : Voice of America , from Calcutta to Washisgton , DC
TV : Banerjee's Solo Show , Kumar Gallery , New Delhi
1969 TV Show : A Modern Artist in His Studio , Paris
1968 Radio : Discussion on French Life and Art in Paris , Paris
1966 Radio : Banerjee's Solo Show , Calcutta

FOUNDING MEMBER - Bill Clinton's Presidential Foundation, name has been carved in pave stone at the foundation's entrance, Little Rock , Arkansas , 2000 .
FOUNDING MEMBER Wall of Tolerance , the name has been carved on the granite wall of the foundation : Wall of Tolerance a national Campaign for Tolerance , Montgomery , Alabama
FOUNDING MEMBER of Martin Luther King , Junior , Foundation Washington,D.C.
''BANERJEE'S Doctoral 200 pages thesis :ITS AESTHETICAL , PHILOSOPHICAL , AND VISUAL VALUE AND ITS INFLUNCES FROM KANDINSKY , POLLOCK , AND DUCHAMP , being published , and registered and collection of the United States Library Of Congress, Washington ,D.C. , 1987.

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