Robert Bloeser, American (1939 - )

Bloeser's meteoric rise in the art world is due in great part to his unusually original depictations of the ocean under moonlight or at sunset in which he captures the majestic turbulence of the Pacific crashing on the rocks of the California coast.

A native of Los Angeles, born in 1939, he began his art studies in his early teens, working first in pencil and ink and also sculpting in wood. It was later that he turned to oil, the medium in which he now specializes.

An extremely dedicated and talented artist, Mr. Bloeser's work is in private collections throughout the United States and Europe.

A self-taught painter, Mr. Bloeser, a successful artist of the mid 20th century, has re-emerged after a long absence from the local art scene. Primarily a scenic painter of land and sea, Mr. Bloeser’s work has evolved from the traditional to a more abstract approach.

As a young man he worked in the professional art world having some success in the gallery scene. In the mid 1960’s, the condition of the economy simply could not financially sustain a local working artist. It was necessary to seek a more practical career. After 22 years in the professional world, he decided that it was time to devote himself to what he enjoyed the most, painting. Recently his artistic interests have led him to a more intense exploration of the abstract. His interest really lies in color as a useful compositional tool, which enables the viewer a wider range of personal interpretation.

Mr. Bloeser lives and works in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California.

Partial List of Collectors
-Dorothy Malone (TX)
-Sammy Davis, Jr. (Beverly Hills)
-Mr. and Mrs. B. Z. Gould (Chicago)
-Gisele MacKenzie (Sherman Oaks, Ca.)
-Jack Webb (Encino, Ca.)
-Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Nibbs (New York)
-Mr. and Mrs. Regis Philbin (New York)
-Kay Ballard (Los Angeles)
-James Bechtold (Los Angeles)
-Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Forsch (Sherman Oaks, Ca.)
Mr and Mrs. Peter Marshall (Woodland Hills, Ca.)
Lou Adler (Beverly Hills)
Michael Silverman (Los Angeles)
Michael Blodgett (Beverly Hills)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Gallante (Inglewood, Ca.)
Mr. and Mris. Steve Lawrene (New York)

Partial List of Exhibitions
1964 - Los Angeles
1965 - Long Beach, Ca. and Los Angeles
1966 - San Francisco
1967 - Los Angeles
1968 - Chicago
1969 to 1978 - San Francisco, Carmel, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Laguna Beach, Long Beach, Newport Beach, San Diego, Palm Springs and Tarzana, California

In 1968 Mr. Bloeser won the People's Choice Award at the All City Outdoor Art Festival at Barnsdall Park in Los Angeles

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