Cristobal Gabarron, Spanish (1945 - )

Cristobal Gabarrón (Mula, Murcia 1945), Spanish painter and sculptor considered one of the most famous contemporary Spanish artists, with a high profile nationally and internationally. It is also a draftsman, engraver, portrait painter and muralist.

Born in the town of Mula Murcia in 1945, although six years old he moved with his family to live in Valladolid. He devoted himself to painting from a young age by his first exhibitions in the Gallery Castilla de Valladolid and Madrid Macaroon Gallery, where paintings were figurative representation Castilian landscape, its rural environment. Since then, evolved from the informal to the abstraction. In 1967, only 22 years, exhibited at the Gallery Gabarrón Leob New York and Paris Gallery Arts Perspective. Since 1991 his work was closely linked to sport and Olympism, receiving a series of commissions for large developments in this field. Since 1986, his place of residence is New York, but spent long periods in Valladolid.

In 2003 he became a favored son of the town of Mula, his birthplace. You dedicated a park with his name, which was installed one of his sculptures.

* 1986. Our Hope for Peace work, conceived as a man in the act of taking flight, intended as an emblem to the International Year of Peace "by WFUNA.
* 1991. Great artistic contribution to the history of Olympism mural for the newly opened Olympic Baseball Stadium Hospitalet del Llobregat. In this mural (100 feet long by 5 wide and held in warm pasta), are represented more than 100 people who symbolize the diachronic evolution of the sport.
* 1992. Was created FCG, based in Valladolid. This year was also the MUGA (Gabarrón Museum), with the exhibition at the Palais des Hospitalet Can Boixeres of much of the mural sketches of Olympic History of Olympism. In Seville for Expo '92 Wall Meeting held on 92 which was installed in the Plaza de America with the theme of three cultures during the Middle Ages, Christian, Muslim and Jewish. The mural has a size of about 700 square meters. Because of their involvement in matters of sport was named Sports Artist of the Year 1992 "by The United States Sports Academy. Also this year was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the State of Alabama .
* 1993. The United States Sports Academy Gabarrón ordered back to a sport-related work to commemorate the Centennial Olympic Games coincided with the celebration of the XXVI Olympiad in Atlanta (Georgia). The new headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels installed the Twelve Muses (a collection of 12 sculptures) that symbolized the member states of the Community.
* 1996. Made the sculpture, painting an Atlanta Olympic Forest Star of 26 sculptures in the form of triangular obelisks from the air to form a five-pointed star, are related to the modern Olympics, from Greece in 1896 to Atlanta in 1996. This work was placed in the Olympic city of Atlanta.
* 1997. It was completed and put into place the mural entitled A Tribute to the Spirit of Sport. This work was devoted to baseball player Jackie Robinson, Celebrating 50 Years of Being the first black player to enter Major League Baseball.
* 1998. For the Winter Olympics in Pagano (Japan), made the official poster, a work entitled Ski-Jumper in Flight, and the official poster for the Football World Cup in Paris 98, Dancing with the Ball.
* 1999. Was commissioned to design and create the symbols and insignia of the World University Games 1999. The most important thing was the artistic illustration of the boat Universiada'99 whose motive was taken as the official logo and the model of the monument Talayot represented the Universiade and once developed took the form of 5 talayots of different heights that emerge from a sheet of water. The dimensions are 24 feet high by 14 wide. Another commissioned work this year was the official poster Drugs Meeting, by the Fundación Proyecto Hombre.
* 2000. For the Millennium Assembly at the UN headquarters was commissioned to work in the New Millennium Dawn, which was taken for the official poster.
* 2003. Made The Spirit of the Olympics, work was selected by the U.S. Olympic Committee as a representative picture of the 2004 Athens Games. That same year was devoted to his work A Costa da Morte.
* 2005. Manhattan (New York) were distributed a total of eleven sculptures depicting characters from the works of Cervantes, on the occasion of the exhibition "Tribute to Don Quixote."

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