Janusz Grabianski, Polish (1929 - 1976)

Janusz Grabianski, Polish (1929 - 1976)

Janusz Grabianski (27 July 1929 in Szamotuły , Poland - 20 October 1976 in Warsaw ) was a Polish illustrator and graphic designer who primarily by contributing to children's books became known.

Janusz Grabianski created artistic works such as drawings and colored, mostly full-page watercolor pictures. From 1958 until his death, he illustrated for the Austrian Ueberreuter Publishing House, in the 1970s, he designed advertising poster for Polish airline LOT . The "lion's head", the famous Kastner & Ohler logo (from 1973 to 1991) also goes to its employees back (Grabianski and Jablonski).

Internationally known are his illustrations of works by German and international authors such as Josef Guggenmos , Käthe Recheis , Bruno Horst Bull , Charles Perrault , Hans Christian Andersen , Mark Twain , and Enid Blyton and illustrations of fairy tales by Wilhelm Hauff and the Brothers Grimm and the stories of 1001 night. Figures such as dogs, cats and birds were repeatedly focuses his work.

Grabianski is in Germany especially in pädogischen representatives of children's literature (kindergartens, primary schools, etc.) known. He was honored for his artistic work with several Polish and international awards.

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