Alan Kipnis, American

Alan Kipnis

Looking back photography for me started in a big box where Mom kept a lot of old photos and explained who was in the photos and what they meant to me, even pictures of me being pulled on a sled.

Then somewhere in the Boy Scounts, there is a photo of my friend Jon Scarlet that I tolk and we developed in Jon's basement. We were workin gon Photography merit badge.

Then in eight grade at PS 136 Queens, came the photography Club. It was Mr. Sheena, the science teacher. The little I remember is we had a photo contest and someone won with a picture of his German Sheppard.

The next major milestone is my cousin Pearl asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I responded with being a photographer as all I really had to do was push the button.

Then there is a gap until a girlfriend gave me, heave SLR Canon RM and somewhere in my friend Jerry Abelson convinces me that shooping in Black and White is the only way to learn how to understand what you are looking for.

In college at the University of Houston, I got behind the Student ID's with a Polaroid camera and shot school ID 'Portrait's' for two semesters.

I'm going to leave it here.

In my summers I would shoot on Fire Island all this while selling computers, that's when you could walk around inside the computer and they took a full lfoor of an office building.

I'd occasionally do something with a shot I like like 'Skyline' which is a sunset on Fire Island, oriignaly there were going to be 50 in the edition but I rand out of energy and funds at 27.

Early in the 1980s I talked to a a local photo development store to allow me to put up some photos and call it a 'Photo Show' Don't be surprised, nothing sold.

Each photo as you know has a story attached.

It's my intention that photography be seen as an art form I call that art form Cerabreablistic. Enjoy and think and let your mind wander. - Kip


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