Wilfred Lang, Chinese/American (1954 - )

Wilfred Lang, Chinese/American (1954 - )

He was born in 1954 in Shanghai and began his artistic career at the incredible age of only seven years. From 1972 to 1976, he attended the University of Shanghai’s College of Fine Arts. In 1977, he emigrated to Hawaii after graduation where he continued his artistic journey between Europe and United Sates.

He is an award winning artist, his art is known worldwide for its famous urban abstract, revealing a sense of keen aesthetic combined with a three - dimensional exciting.

The work of Alfred Lang’s unique and immediately recognizable style is constantly growing and in high demand, reveals a clever use of color integration techniques and combined elements of Eastern and Western European culture. According to famous art critic F. Mayer, he manages to obtain "a sophisticated and original transition between realism and abstraction".

Wilfred Lang exhibits his works at major contemporary art galleries in New York, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Hawaii and many European Capitals.

He participates annually with the Palma Art Gallery at the most prestigious international contemporary art fairs in Europe and Great Britain.

Wilfred Lang’s "exciting look at the urban metropolis" leads the observer to a careful intriguing three-dimensional reflection. Many collectors are discovering him and industry devoted magazines are giving more space to this incredible artist.

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