Gualtiero Marchesi, Italian (1930 - )

Gualtiero Marchesi (1930-) is a renowned Italian Chef, considered to be the founder of modern Italian Cuisine.

Marchesi was born in 1930 in Milan, Italy. His parents ran a hotel and restaurant "L'Albergo del Mercato" in Via Bezzecca. It was here that he had his first experiences in the kitchen.

Two of his relatives, Luigi Ghisoni, who had been a chef at the Ritz, Madeira before he joined Marchesi's father running the business, and Domenico Bergamaschi, chef at Albergo del Mercato, were major influences on Gualtiero. He identified their ability to prepare traditional recipes perfectly, but also their talent of enhancing the flavour of simple ingredients.

At 17 he left school to work at the Hotel Klum in St. Moritz. He then studied at a hotel school in Lucerne before returning to work at Albergo del Mercato. There he prepared traditional recipes for lunch but in the evening was given a free hand to experiment. He built a following for his avant-garde cuisine.

Gualtiero is an accomplished musician and follower of music. Through this he met his wife a piano soloist and daughter of a famous soprano.

Gualtiero then worked at the “Ledoyen” in Paris, "Le Chapeau Rouge” in Dijon and “Troigros” in Roanne. On his return to Milan, he opened a small hotel with his parents, which he ran until 1977.

He then opened his first restaurant on Via Bonvesin de la Riva in Milan. Within a year he earned his first Michelin star, with another following the next year. It took another seven years, but then he eventually won the distinction of a third Michelin star – the first chef in Italy to do so.

In September 1993, Marchesi moved out of Milan to Franciacorta, between Bergamo and Brescia. He opened the Ristorante di Erbusco in the Albereta Hotel where his vision of global cuisine took root and flourished.

His restaurant Gualtiero Marchesi di San Pietro all'Orto in Milan, opened in 1998 and is a mix of traditional cooking and modern technology. It is also a cooking academy.

He opened a restaurant in Paris in 2001. In January 2001, he opened Ostaria dell’Orso, the oldest restaurant in Rome, located in a palace dating back to 1400 AD.

Paola Marchesi, Italian (1966 - )

The daughter of Gualtiero Marchesi, was born in Milan in 1966. She studied music, photography and design. In 1990 she graduated at the "Accademia delle Belle Arti" of Brera. In 1992 she attended sculpture and ceramics courses at Chelsea School of Art in London and exhibited her works in a collective show. She participated in many other collective and personal exhibitions. Her works, as well as her life, focus on the attempt to join the dualism of the form-content binomial together into a single truth, expressed without frills or deviations.

Being a minimalist, she ses n the unversal value of "sign" something that relates men to one another and to the cosmos. She is now an artist a graphic designer, a decorator and she is open to all kinds of artistic expression linked to the image that remains consisten with "pure" action.

She now lives and works in France. Both devote themselves to the celebration of beauty, simplicity, of goodness, of truth, using their respecting field each with a forceful, tangible, essential handwriting.

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