Sara Moon (a.k.a. Bijan), Iranian/German

Sara Moon

The creator of the works that launched the name Sara Moon upon the world during 1976 is a Persian artist by the name of Bijan who lives in Germany. He had been commissioned by Red Baron Publishing of Los Angeles to create commercial artworks of the female form.

Four years later Bijan parted company with Red Baron and nothing by his hand was released again until Verkerke began to publish his art in 1981. For their part, Red Baron continued to satisfy demand for new Sara Moon work by commissioning the artist Christian to paint and sign images as 'Sara Moon'. You can see Christian's work here.

With Bijan at Verkerke, this led to works by both artists being released as 'Sara Moon' art during the years 1980-82 after which Bijan won the sole right to the name.

With regard to signatures, Bijan's ' Sara Moon' signature with Red Baron is shown above left. The Sara Moon paintings created by Christian during 1980-82 is shown above center, and Bijan's more 'stylised' Verkerke signature is shown above right.

Bijan still owns most of his original works, but it is feared that many of the early pieces were lost when Red Baron Publishing was consumed by fire (c.1983?) at which time the company ceased trading.*

In Germany, Bijan continued to paint as Sara Moon for Verkerke until the early 1990's when he retired to a quieter life to teach - out of the spotlight.

For over 15 years he was totally oblivious to the 'Where are you, Sara?' calls that echoed around the world from the multitude of devoted fans he had unwittingly left behind.

With his absence and Red Baron Publishing gone too, his quiet 'disappearance' in retirement from Verkerke, the varied signatures on the artworks created much speculation over the years that followed. Did 'Sara Moon' ever existed. If so, where was this reclusive artist now. Rumours that the artists was actually a Rumanian male hiding away in a small German town, turned out to be quite accurate - though Bijan wasn't actually hiding - he just didn't have a publishing contract any longer, nor did he have, or want, a computer. As such his world became a quiet place to relax and teach - and paint - for his own pleasure.

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