Gunnar Norman, Swedish (1912 - 2005)

Gunnar Norman

• 1912: Born in Malmö, Sweden
• 1930: Begins natural science studies at the University of Lund
• 1931: Settles in Lomma
• 1934: Debut as a painter and draftsman at the annual exhibition of the Scanian Art Association, Malmö, Sweden
• 1938: Receives Bachelor of Science degree in Botany, Chemistry and Genetics from University of Lund
• 1942: First individual exhibition, of drawings, at the Malmö Museum of Art
• 1951: Marriage to Ulla Sylvén
• 1958: Stipend from the 70th Birthday Trust of King Gustaf VI Adolf
• 1964: Participates in traveling exhibition of Swedish graphic art in the Soviet Union
• 1979: Receives Prince Eugene Medal
• 1980: Works purchased by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the New York Public Library
• 1991: Works purchased by the British Museum in London
• 2005: Dies in Lomma, a month shy of his 93rd birthday

Selected Solo Exhibitions
1942: Malmö Museum of Art
1945: Lorensberg Gallery, Göteborg
1947: Hahne Gallery, Stockholm
1950: Scania Museum of Art, Lund
1967: Höganäs Museum
1970: Kalmar Museum; Trelleborgs Museum
1972: Kristianstads Museum
1973: Galerie Vömel, Düsseldorf
1975: Konstnärshuset, Stockholm
1976: Galerie Leger, Malmö
1977: Galerie Vömel, Düsseldorf
1978: Kunsthandel Haagen-Müller, Copenhagen; Galerie Leger, Malmö
1979: Fischer Fine Art, London; Galerie Leger, Malmö; La FIAC, Grand Palais, Paris
1980: Fitch-Febvrel Gallery, New York
1981: Galerie Ditesheim, Neuchâtel; Galerie Thomas, Munich; Galerie Leger, Malmö
1982: Galerie Forum, Stockholm; Galerie Vömel, Düsseldorf; Malmö Konsthall
1983: Fitch-Febvrel Gallery, New York; Galerie Leger, Malmö; Gallery Mikimoto, Tokyo; Gallery Petit Formes, Osaka; Museo Rayo, Colombia; Pennsylvania State Univ. Museum of Art; Staempfli Gallery, New York; Valley House Gallery, Dallas
1984: Fischer Fine Art, London; Galerie Brusberg, Berlin and Hanover
1985: Galerie Ditesheim, Neuchâtel; Galerie Leger, Malmö; Galleria Forni, Bologna and Genoa
1986: Galerie Claude Bernard, Paris; Galerie Leger, Malmö; Galerie Vömel, Düsseldorf; Pucker Safrai Gallery, Boston; Varberg Museum
1987: Galerie Leger, Malmö; Galerie Astley, Uttersberg; Galerie Boibrino, Stockholm; Galerie Olab, Göteborg; Galerie Tempo, Stockholm
1988: Fitch-Febvrel Gallery, New York; Galerie Leger, Malmö; Galleri Linné, Uppsala; Galerie Vömel, Düsseldorf
1990: Galerie Ditesheim, Düsseldorf; Grafiska Sällskapet, Stockholm
1992: Fitch-Febvrel Gallery, New York; Galerie Vömel, Düsseldorf; Museum of Art
1993: Lorensberg Gallery, Göteborg
1994: Konstnärshuset, Stockholm; Pucker Gallery, Boston
1995: Fitch-Febvrel Gallery, New York; Höganäs Museum; Pucker Gallery, Boston
1996: Pucker Gallery, Boston
1997: Fitch-Febvrel Gallery, New York; Pucker Gallery, Boston
1998: Galleri Linné, Uppsala
1999: Pucker Gallery, Boston
2000: Fitch-Febvrel Gallery, New York
2002: Pucker Gallery, Boston; Malmö Museum of Art
2003: Pucker Gallery, Boston; Fitch-Febvrel Gallery, New York
2006: Pucker Gallery, Boston; Galerie Leger, Malmö
Work represented in numerous private collections.

Selected Publications
April 29, 1983 New York Times Review
May 20, 1988 New York Times Review
June 23, 1995 New York Times Critics' Choices
April 3, 1996 Tufts Daily Review
April 4, 1996 Boston Globe Review
December 2000 Artnet Review

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