Walter Philipp, American

One day in 1947, a one-time clown turned waiter, Walter Philipp, showed up with armfuls of clown paintings. Stix decided to give him a try, found himself with a hit on his hands.

Collectors struggled through New York City's worst blizzard to buy out the show on the first day, in the next two days came back to buy every painting Philipp could dredge out of his studio. - From Time Magazine 1955

"Until three months ago, Walter Philipp was just a good-natured waiter who served sandwiches and quick hot drinks to the patrons of the 58th Street Delicatessen on New York City's Third Avenue. Today he is the envy of professional artists. In his spare time Philipp painted street scenes and clowns and hung his works of art among the salami and bloloney in the delicatessen. There the director of 57th Street's Artists' Gallery saw his pictures, gave him a one-man exhibition. On the first day every picture was sold. Artist Philipp has given up his delicatessen job to paint and he isn't worried about the future. If his pictures stop selling, he says philosophically, he can always go back to cold cuts. - Life Magazine March 15, 1948

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