Heinrich Richter, German (1920 - 2007)

Heinrich Richter (May 15 1920 in Inowrocław, Poland as Henryk Richter, † June 8 2007) was a contemporary German painter and printmaker.

In the last days of the war in 1945 Richter fled to Berlin, after he had lost his right arm; Accordingly, he trained himself to painting with his left hand. 1948-1955 he took in Berlin at the Academy of Fine Arts with Professors Karl Hofer and Hans Orlowski studies on which he graduated with a master's degree students. In between, he lived with the painter Jochen Senger under a French government scholarship in 1953 a few months in Paris, after which he led a working visit to Spain. During this period he also married his wife Mila, with whom he has two sons. In 1963, judges his first encounter with Günter Grass . In the following three years he worked on the illustrations for Grass's " The Tin Drum ", the 1968 Luchterhand-Verlag appeared (Berlin / Munich).

In the period 1965-1970 he was always for longer stays guest at Theodor Ahren mountain , a naturalized Swiss art collector and patron, developed a close friendship with his family. In Ahren Berg's studio in Chexbres on Lake Geneva Richter created numerous works that were shown in the following years in renowned Swiss and Swedish galleries as well as in Swiss museums as solo exhibitions. In 1968, he met the art historian and the first director of the New National Gallery in Berlin Werner Haftman know which enabled him in the same year a comprehensive solo exhibition in his new house.

In 1970 he moved into a studio at Montparnasse in Paris , where he lived until 1972 and worked. During this time he made ​​acquaintance with Iris Clert , one of the most prominent European gallery. He then settled in Seignelay ( Yonne department / Burgundy ), but also lived temporarily in the South of France Cannes . Since 1991, lived and worked judge again in Berlin, where he died on June 8, 2007.

Richter has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Germany, France, Sweden, USA and Japan.

Awards / Honors (selection)
1969 Berlin Art Prize
1975 Guest of Honor of the German Academy in Rome ( Villa Massimo )
Exhibitions (selection) [ edit ]
1967: Municipal Museum Schloss Morsbroich , Leverkusen
1965-1970 Museum of Fine Arts ( Lausanne ), Musée JENISCH ( Vevey ), Musée Rath ( Geneva )
1968 Neue Nationalgalerie (Berlin)
1969 Goethe-Institut New York ,
1970 Paul Aronson Gallery ( Boston ), Marc Moyens Collection ( Washington, DC )
1995 Heinrich Richter - Graphical cycle literature ( Academy of Sciences and Literature , Mainz )
2000 Ahrenberg Collection - 50 ans d'histoire de l'art (Vevey)
2008 Heinrich Richter - in search of the lost paradise " Landestrost Castle Town "
2010 Heinrich Richter - in search of the lost paradise "Klosterscheune Holy Mountain"
2010 Heinrich Richter - "Hameln old swimming pool" in search of the lost paradise

Not to be confused with the painter Heinrich Richter-Berlin (1884-1981) of the November Group.

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Retif de la Bretonne. My father's German Life Ins transferred, with a Einf. and annotated vers. by Peter Schunck. Ill. with 16 lithographs by Heinrich Richter. Propylaea, Berlin 1972.
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