Nava Shoham, Israeli/American

Nava Shoham's Ketubah are large with extremely beautiful bright colors and art work representing Judaica motifs and nature

After serving several years in the Israeli Air Force as a technical illustrator, she graduated from a high Graphic and art college, specializing in fine art and calligraphy.

Moving on to study fashion design at the high fashion institute "Shenkar" in the fashion designing faculty. She developed a passion to illustrate themes from the fashion world, especially large scaled portraits with a unique and fresh approach to the subject, experimenting with mixed media on paper, canvas, skins and more.
After graduating, she started working as an art director at a major publishing house where she gained experience as a graphic designer illustrator and a printer-lithographer, silk screen. Her work included the full supervision of preparing the artwork for the final print, proofing and operating multiple software's and systems.

Her first solo show at "Yad Le Banim" in Rishon Le Zion Israel, under the subject of The Ketubah art, was honored by the mayor for the opening night and featured on national TV.


She was awarded the first prize for the design of a logo to mark the 60th anniversary year of the "JERUSALEM POST", out of more than 500 designs submitted by contestants from all around the world. The logo appeared on every "Jerusalem Post" publication for that anniversary year.
She was invited to exhibit her modern artwork at the "Ambassador" gallery in NYC.
She was asked to exhibit her modern art canvases and paper paintings at the designer Broadway Macy's Windows at Herald Square, 5th Ave. in NYC, which she proudly excepted and was thrilled to be shown at such an exclusive location in NYC.

Her Serigraphs ketubah prints were exhibited at the ArtExpo show in NYC, by a major fine art publisher.
She was featured in a cover story in the Woman's League "OUTLOOK" magazine.

The Crown art work featured on the cover of the UJA Prime Minister's(Rabin)Mission to Morocco

Her fine artworks were featured exclusively in a high quality calendar distributed in Israel and in the USA.

Her Artwork, the "Jerusalem" ketubah, was featured in "A Touched By An Angel" CBS TV Show. She was featured exclusively in the 2005 special Wedding publication of the New Jersey Jewish News.
Her modern art paintings were exhibited at the famous "Greenwich Cafe" on Greenwich Ave., NYC.

Fine art printing published by the artist

The first series of the Serigraphs ketubahs were printed in Israel with the calibration of a major fine art publisher.
The second series of Lithographs ketubahs were printed by the artist in Israel.
The third series of Giclee ketubahs prints are produced at the artists studio in USA.

Through out the years she was asked to commission her artwork for many occasions and celebrities, a sample of these are presented here.
-Decorated the official certificate for the installation of Rabbi Bakshi Doron. The Israel's chief Sephardic Rabbi. This artwork was signed by the prime minister, government ministers and high rank officials. (The artwork was created on a special Calfskin parchment).
-Calligraphy and artwork of the Prayer of the State (Birkat Hamedinah) for the Israeli Ambassador to Switzerland. (The artwork was created on a special Calfskin parchment).
-Decorated the UJA Prime Minister's Mission invitation to Morocco.
Calligraphy and decorations for the "Blessing of the house" presented to the chief Rabbi in Mexico.
Calligraphy and illustration for the citizen honor ship certificate presented to Mr. Gideon Gadot, Chairman of the Lottery institution in Israel (Mifal Ha-Payis).
Designed a series of "Shana Tova" for the "HADASSAH" organization, USA.
Designed Seder plates sets for Major Judaic art manufacturers in USA.
Illustrated a line of music cassettes covers for Grammy nominated & Parents' Choice Award WINNER "Club Baby".
Numerous original ketubahs commissioned by fine art collectors and celebrities from all around the world.

Nava Shoham currently lives in Upper Montclair, NJ with her husband and three children.

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