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My name is Keith Anthony Terracina first grandchild of Captain Tony Teracina, ex gun and rum runner, mafia connected, worked for the CIA and became Mayor of Key West, FL in 1989 and on top of all that he owned the original Hemmingway bar for over 25 years and was one of the most famous sea captains in Florida. He was so famous that people magazine did a five page profile about his life which paralyed into a major motion picture made by Aurua Films on his life story called Sweet Dirty Tony in 1980. It starred Stuart Whitman, Robert Vaugne, Michael Gazo and William St. Jacques. It didn’t do to good at the box office. They did the wrong story. I know the real story, I wrote it! (MY GRANDFATHER THE MAYOR) Besides being in the movie and working for my Grandfather for over ten years I was his right hand man. I know him better than anyone.

In 2002 I inherited my Great Uncle Sal Terracina's estate. I developed 700 of Sal’s large format negative’s and went after the big boys Taschen Publishing, Abrams, Power House Books, all publishing companies were interested. Taschen, my number one choice who just did the Mohammed Ali book in 2002 and Marilyn Monroe in 2001 gave me a nice contract with check, that contract had more power than I thought. American Photo did a 5 page story, editors choice, on Sal The Amazing Terracina, which went world wide. By this time I build up a great website called The month the American Photo magazine article came out I got over 30,000 hits on the site and a lot of phone calls.

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