Lumen Martin Winter, American (1908 - 1982)      

Lumen Winter

Lumen Martin Winter, America's most reknowned muralist, spent his childhood in western Kansas, on his father's ranch, which stood along the Santa Fe Trail. Listed in "Who's Who in America," and "Who's Who in American Art, "the celebrated artist still remembers noticing the ruts from the wagons in the ground and asking his father about them. His father said, "That is the Santa Fe Trail!"

The place stayed in young Winter's mind. After attending the Cleveland School of Art, the National Academy of Design in New York City, serving as an artist with the U.S. Signal Corps in the Air Force in WW II, working as a cartoonist and designer, Lumen Winter went to Santa Fe to settle in 1939.

The next 39 years were to catapult Lumen Winter into the forefront as America's most renowned muralist and artist.

His work, described bya Paris artcritic in The Paris Moderne, "is not abstract nor is it realistic, but he has created synthesis which is all his own."

"I have followed every movement since I was thirteen years old," states Mr. Winter, "but I have found all these movements to stem from the classic ages, even going back to the Ancients. I like the Renaissance because of its vitality and force which is similar to the expression of the 20th century. Science has crept into our art to the point where it is difficult to say what is art and what is science."

His rare genius is demonstrated in the murals at the U.S. Air Force Academy Chapels in Colorado Springs, at the National Wildlife Federation in Washington, D.C., at the AFL-CIO Headquarters in the Capitol, at the Church of St. Paul the Apostle, Lincoln Center in New York City, at the Sheraton Hotel Lobby and the National Bank in Washington, D.C. among others.

  • Fisherman Mural, Brooklyn Savings Bank, Brooklyn, New York
  • National Wildlife Federation, Headquarters Building, Washington, D.C. Dedicated by the late President John F. Kennedy
  • Labor Is Life, AFL-CIO Headquarters Building, Washington, D.C. Dedicated by the late President Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Texas Abstract Mosaic, Lobby, Sheraton Southland Center, Dallas, Texas
  • Six Wood Carvings, Vaqueros and Alamo Rooms, Southland Center, Dallas Texas
  • Stampede, Town Room, Southland Center, Dallas, Texas
  • The Conversion of St. Paul, Facade, Church of St. Paul the Apostle, Lincoln Center, New York City
  • Rhapsody in Gold, Park Sheraton Hotel, New York City
  • Our Lady of the Thruways, thirty foot bronze figure overlooking the New York and New England Thruways on the Cross Thruway
  • Our Lady of the Skies, U.S. Air Force Academy Chapel, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Dedicated by Francis Cardinal Spellman
  • Mosaic, Protestant area of the Air Force Academy Chapel
  • National Bank of Washington, Georgetown, Washington, D.C.
  • Union Central Life Insurance Company, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • St. Francis with the Birds and Animals of Missouri, St. Francis Hospital, Marceline, Missouri
  • Astor Home for Children, Rhinebeck, New York
  • Fairfield University, New Library Building, Fairfield, Connecticut
  • Cathedral College, Hillside, Long Island, New York
  • Chapel, Hawthorne, New York
  • P.S. #84, Brooklyn, New York
  • Hotel St. Regis-Sheraton, New York, New York
  • Apollo VIII, Official Medallion, struck by Franklin Mint
  • South Shore High School, Brooklyn, New York
  • Kansas State Capitol, Rotunda, Topeka, Kansas
  • Gerald R. Ford Health & Physical Education Center
  • Argent Gallery, New York
  • Hackley Art Gallery, Muskegon, Michigan
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan Public Library and Art Museum '76
  • Brown Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Washington County Museum, Hagerstown, Maryland
  • Galerie Internationale, New York
  • St. Regis Hotel, New York (Thirteen Abstracts inspired by the chaotic flight of Apollo XII I) all now in the James Collection
  • Library of Congress, City of Old Rochelle, France
  • Vatican, Rome
  • University of Israel
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Dallas
  • The Chicago Art Institute
  • Sculptor's Collectors Group, Columbus
  • Georgia Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Wilmington College, Wilmington, Ohio
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan College
  • Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
  • Fairfield University, Fairfield, Conn.
  • Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, N.Y.
  • Windham College, Putney, Vt.
  • Washington County Museum, Hagerstown
  • Md., Limited Print, Book of the Month Club
  • The White House
  • U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado
  • West Point, N.Y.
  • Chanel XIII Collection
  • Kansas State Historical Society
  • Sterling Kansas Art Center
  • Santa Fe Trail Museum, Lamed, Kansas
  • Butler Art Institute, Youngstown, Ohio
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Whitney Museum of American
  • Cincinnati Art Museum
  • Brooklyn Museum
  • Chicago Art Institute
  • Detroit Art Institute
  • Alabama Watercolor Society
  • Ohio University
  • Architectural League of New York
  • Annual Gold Medal Exhibitions
  • Dallas Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Salmagundi Club, New York
  • National Academy of Design
  • Allied Artists of America
  • Veterans Society of Artists
  • National Arts Club '78
  • Society of Acrylic Painters-American
  • Academy of Arts and Letters-'79
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