Vernon Wood, American (1923 - 1995)

Vernon Wood

Artist, printer, inventor - Vernon Wood devoted his life to being not just a jack of all trades, but a master as well! Born 1923 and dying in 1995, Wood experimented with and mastered a variety of styles from traditional landscapes to modern geometrical abstractions.

"I've always wanted to be an artist," Wood recalled. "In grade school I used to make soap carvings and drawings that I showed at the Doylestown Fairgrounds across from Fonthill, where Belmont Square is today. I used to bring home a pile of ribbons. Then in high school I even started selling my paintings."

Following a stint in the Army as a war photographer, Wood built children's furniture, drove a coal truck across the Pennsylvania Mountains, and built approximately twenty houses in and around Doylestown. Finding that none of these occupations suited his inventive and artistic nature, he decided to return to his first love - art.

He originally drew inspiration from Edward Redfield and Daniel Garber, the Bucks County landscape painters who had been his neighbors in his childhood home in Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania. As time went on he began to experiment with more stylized and contemporary treatments of his subjects.

In 1960, Wood and his wife opened a combined studio, gallery, art school, and supply store in New Britain. "It reminded me of the one-room school I attended in Erwinna," he is quoted as saying. Later, he moved his home and studio to Doylestown Borough and began to devote his energies to perfecting certain printing processes and technologies. As a result he held patents on inventions used in the development of the full color process on porcelain plates utilizing the silk screen method.

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