Dody Muller

Dody Muller

The paintings of Dody Muller are rich with suggestion. The subject matter of these works is always ambiguous. Muller is absorbed with a number of recurring themes, horses, birds, winged figures, etc. These subjects recur in her works in varying contexts. The central figure in these canvasses float across an undifferentiated background which is frequently rather arbitrary in its treatment of space. Careful examination of these backgrounds reveal elements common to other pieces. The recurring symbols appear cryptic but are rather expressions of a romantic, perhaps even innocent nature.

The handling of space in these pieces is somewhat reminiscent of collage. Most canvasses are divided into areas, each with its own persistent theme. These surfaces mesh, intersect, and intrude upon each other in charming and surprising combinations. Also, Muller likes to surprise us by integrating unrelated subjects into her canvass, a photograph, or perhaps a nude whose scale is entirely out of proportion with the rest of the painting.

Muller's paintings employ a generous palette of rich and pleasing colors, which she combines with facility. She also has a gift for juxtaposing areas which play against each other in extremely pleasing rhythms.

Muller's work is highly personal, and in no way derivative. These lumindus visions are clearly a response to a lively and vivid inner reality. They are a graphic, concrete representation of a beautiful world of fantasy. One of Muller's persistent obsessions seems to be flight, often seen in the flight of winged figures and birds.

The canvasses evoke the vividly beautiful, yet somewhat disconnected quality of a dream. There is a consistently disturbing undercurrent in these pieces. Take, for example, "the Cat," which is upon first glance a perfectly ordinary study in the brilliant colors of a cat. However, upon closer examination this cat is not so charming. Indeed, there is something bizarre about it.

Dody Muller's is a developing talent which is constantly being refined. She is an interesting and uniquely individual painter.

1979 Noho Gallery, New York
1971 Sonraed Gallery, New York
1969 Sonraed Gallery, New York
1965 Gallerie Anderson, Paris
  Gallerie Lutece, Paris
1961 Parma Gallery, New York
1960 Parma Gallery, New York
1959 Hansa Gallery, New York
1958 Hansa Gallery, New York
1957 Sun Gallery, Provincetown, Mass.
1956 Sun Gallery, Provincetown, Mass.
1979 Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, Hagerstown, Maryland
  "Art in Bloom" Noho Gallery, New York
1978 "Artists as Living Sculpture," benefit for Public Arts, Cultural Affairs, O.K. Harris Gallery, New York
  Noho Gallery, New York
  "Day's Lumberyard Studloes," Provincetown Art Assoc., Provincetown, Mass.
1977 "10th Street Days," Landmark Gallery and Noho Gallery, New York
1976 Noho Gallery
1975 "Color, Light, Image," Women In the Arts (W.l.A.), New York
1975 Landmark Gallery
1975 "Soho Comes to the Suburbs," Cultural Arts Center, New City, N.Y
  Bayonne Community Center, Bayonne, N.J.
1974 Ringling Museum, Sarasota, Fla. "Contemporary Religious Painting in America," Landmark Gallery, New York
  Prince Street Gallery, New York
1973 New York Cultural Center, New York "Women Choose Women"
  Prince Street Gallery, New York
1972 Watergate Gallery, Washington, D.C.
1971 Watergate Gallery, New York
  Fontana Gallery, Narberth, Penn.
1970 Sonraed Gallery, New York
1968 Musee des Arts et 1 'Industrie, Saint- Etienne, France
  Palais Grnavelle, Besancon, France
1967 Musee Calvet, Avignon, France
  Maison de Ia Culture, Amiens, France
  Maison de Ia Culture, Bourges, France
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1966 "Art Vivant," Musee des Augustins, Toulouse, France
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  Gallerie Lutece, Paris
1965 Gallerie Anderson, Paris
  Gallerie Lutece, Paris
1964 "Signal," 6 American Artists, American Cultural Center, Paris
1963 H.C.E. Gallery, Provincetown, Mass.
  Atelier 6, Paris
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1961 Museum of Fine Arts, Fort Worth, Texas
  Parma Gallery, New York
  Atelier 6, Paris
  Ellison Gallery, Ft. Worth, Texas
  Quay Gallery, San Francisco
1961-70 Fontana Gallery, Narberth, Penn.
1961-66 H.C.E. Gallery, Provincetown, Mass.
1960-61 American Gallery, New York
1960-62 Parma Gallery, New York
1960 Roland de Aenelle Gallery, New York
  Delancey Street Museum, New York
1959 Aegis Gallery, New York
1959-61 Nonagon Gallery, New York
l959-6O James Gallery, New York
l958-50 Esther Stuttman Gallery, New York
1958-59 March Gallery, New York
1956-58 Sun Gallery, Provincetown, Mass.
1956-58 Tanager Gallery, New York
1953-54 New York University Gallery, New York
1957-58 New York University Gallery, New York
1951-52 Forum Gallery, New York
1948-5O Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas, Texas


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