Yannis Amoryanos, Greek

I was born in Athens Greece: I studied classical Theater. My true love wasalways paintings. I was paintings ever since I remember. At a very young age I came to New York with the ambition to pursue studies and career in art. Years later I studied in New York Sculpture, and many years later designing andmaking fine Jewelry.

Painting is a poem, frequently expressed by different people in many different ways.My self knowing I have been blessed by God having been illuminated by him I live in Paradise. Therefore, I create Paradise for you to see and possibly live. Having been given this gift it is my duty and my pleasure to transmit happiness to the world withmy paintings. In the world of my paintings there is no pain, there is no hate, there is love. There is peace, there is harmony, there is hope. There is no destruction or death, there is tranquility, there is God. This is a place that was given to me, this is the place I choose the world to see or to live forever. Finally, I am grateful to be privileged to be born in Greece, the greatest mother, the mother of Arts.


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