Ales Lamr Triptych Abstract Expressionist Painting

Abstract Expressionism

      Marshall Goodman New York City Marathon Painting on Paper

American Art

      Isaac Friedlander - On Stage Woodcut Print

Art Deco

      Alphonse Mucha Au Quartier Latin II Estate Poster

Art Nouveau

      Dennis Oppenheim - Wishing the Mountains Madness Lithograph Print

Conceptual Art

      Pablo Picasso Estate Print - Visage sur Fond Rouge 32-4


      Reginald Wilson Painting - Cat with Birds

Folk Art

      Ilya Bolotowsky - Series 3 Silkscreen Print

Geometric Art

      Bobby Hill - New York City Painting on Paper

Graffiti and Street Art

      Laurent Marcel Salinas - Les Bles Murs Oil Painting


      James Suzuki - Blue Vision Painting


      Charles Levier - Bord de la Mer Painting

Modern Art

      Roy Ahlgren - Portals Painting

Optical Art

      Jeanette Pasin Sloan Still Life Painting


      Corinna Heumann - Lichtenstein Meets Warhol (Crying Camouflage) Painting

Pop Art

      Mair von Landshut after by Amand Durand - La Banderole Presentee Heliogravure Print

Pre–Twentieth Century

      Peter Max - Moving with Father Print

Psychedelic Art

      Teodoulo Romulo - Paris Painting 1986


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