Giuseppe Bertini, Italian (1825 - 1898)

Giuseppe Bertini (1825-1898) was an Italian painter, active in Milan.

He studied at the Brera under Luigi Sabatelli and Giuseppe Bisi, and in 1845 was awarded the prix de Rome on the strength of a picture of the meeting between Dante and Fra Ilario. He also painted the Triumphal entry of the allied sovereigns into that city after the battle of Magenta (after 1859). He also painted frescoes on a vaulted room of the residence of the Puricelli Guerra, representing the great men of the Middle Ages, backgrounded against perspectives of Gothic architecture. He painted the sipario in collaboration with Raffaele Casnedi for the theatre of La Scala in 1862. The Sala Dorata in the Poldi-Pezzoli Museum at Milan has a series of three mural panels at the end of the room opposite the window, the central one representing Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, and the two lateral ones symbolizing Poetry and Music. The decorations on the cove of the ceiling of the Dante Room in the same museum are also his.

Between 1848 and 1860 he was occasionally employed as an instructor in the Academy of Fine Arts, and upon the reorganization of that institution in 1860 he was placed permanently in charge of one of the two schools of painting (Hayez being in charge of the other), and has continued to hold his professorship till the end of the century.

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