Pier Augusto Breccia, Italian (1943 - )

Pier Augusto Breccia was born in Trento on December 4th, 1943. From 1949 it is in Rome, where it finishes l' whole curriculum of its studies.

1960-1961 - Translates and public for l' Publisher Signorelli "Antigone" of Sophocles and "Awkward Prometeo" of Aeschylus. 1961 - Achieves the classic maturity I press the High School Giulio Caesar and it it is registered to the Faculty of Medicine dell' Catholic University. 1967 - comes confer Him, with praise, the first Degree in Medicine and Surgery of the new Faculty.
1967 - 1969 - Stay repeatedly to Stockholm, where works I press l' Institute of Chest and Cardiovascular Surgery of the Karolinska, under the direction of the Prof. V. OR. Björk.
1969 - 1983 - it is dedicated on time full to the Cardiosurgery I press l' Catholic University of Rome. In these years achieves three surgical specializations, public about 50 intense activities on the main reviewed Italian and foreign countries, achieves l' Hospital Suitability to Leading of Cardiosurgery and finally l' Suitability to Professor Associated. It performs beyond 1000 interventions cardiochirurgici and collaborates to constitute the Autonomous Division of Cardiosurgery I press the Hospital you Twin

1977 - Discovers of everything by chance a capacity of to draw that did not suppose to possess.
1978 - 1979 - Itself army for beloved to draw "from the true one" in the you clip of time concessigli from its profession.
1979 - 1981 - Creates a series of drawings that come chosen for its first book and its first show with the title "Oltreomega", presented nell' October-November 1981 from Caesar Vivaldi.
1981 - 1983 - The success obtained with its first presentation stimulates to continue it more intensely its work, with renewed approvals.

April 1985 - After two years of "expectation" review the resignations from its position of heart surgeon to dedicate itself completely to the painting.
1985 - 1996 - Resides and works mainly to New York, from where it it is moved repeatedly in Europe and in other Been d' America, collecting an increasing international approval.
1990- 1992 - it is dedicated mainly all' elaboration of the monumental volume "Animus-Soul", published from "Life and Thought" (Milan). Nell' October 1996, simply preserving its connections with New York and with the U.S.A., decides to return in Italy for give l' start to an expository program in public spaces or deprived of eminently cultural interest. It prepares, to the purpose, a permanent collection of its works, capable of being visited for appointment, I press its Study-Workshop in Rome.
1998 - 1999 - it is dedicated mainly all' elaboration of the volume "L' other book: the language suspended dell' autocoscienza" (And. Of Renzo - Rome).
2000 - 2002 - Gets ready, in collaboration with Marisa of the King (New York Master Exbibitions), the large review "The Place dell' Utopia" for the Complex one of the Victorian one of Rome and the Palace Uncle of Palermo.
2003 - Presents, for the first time in Europe, I press l' Italian Institute of Culture of Brussels, its painting with the name of "Hermeneutics".
2004 - its Public book-obvious "Introduction to the hermeneutic painting", in preparation for the successive shows.

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