Paul Brent

Paul Brent's art has touched many subjects and he has explored both watercolor and oil painting to achieve the expression of art in every thing that he has painted. When Paul Brent first began painting and selling his work in the mid 70's he painted in watercolor, sometimes using pen and ink to create line drawings of shore birds and shells. His most famous subject matter was the pelican of which he made many pelican paintings and prints. The nautilus shell, the sand dollar and the scallop shell were also favorite subjects to paint. He also painted sandpipers, herons, egrets and terns.

In the early 80's Paul Brent began a watercolor style that became his own unique expression. He painted in a watercolor wash background and allowed the paint to run and drip. He first created a series of tropical fish paintings and watercolors of sandpipers, shells, pelicans and terns. He won many prizes for his new coastal watercolors and was selected to be a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, the Southeast Watercolor Society and the Florida Watercolor Society. Paul Brent then began to expand his subject matter from the detail for Florida wildlife to sailboat paintings, beach scenes, fishing boat and harbor paintings as well as beach cottages and beach houses that either singly or in small villages were the indigenous architecture of the coast. Paul Brent then moved on to lighthouse paintings and paintings of hot air balloons. He also explored floral painting and applied the same technique he had created in beachscapes to flower paintings. Paul Brent saw art in each blossom and painted each flower as an individual with character.

In the late 80's Paul Brent began to license his work to manufacturers who put his Florida artwork and tropical fish on shower curtains, insulated glasses, wallpaper borders and tile. This part of his business expanded and he has now worked with over 70 manufactures to develop a wide range of gifts for the home with a beach and coastal theme. He has created a line of handbags and t-shirts with a tropical theme. He has created more accessories for the bathroom including lighthouse shower curtains with shower curtain hooks, a lighthouse tooth brush holder, a lighthouse lotion dispenser and sailboat soap dish and lighthouse shower curtain hooks. Other designs in shower curtains include shells, beach scenes and bamboo.

Other categories of products include woven tapestry afghans or throws as well as woven placemats and table runners. With the well known Christmas ornament company, Kurt Adler, Paul Brent has created a line of Coastal Christmas ornaments that feature Santa and a snowman at the beach, flamingos with Christmas decorations as well as sand pail Christmas ornaments and beach chairs with presents and Christmas wreaths. His paintings are now on absorbent coasters in designs of palm trees, manatees, beach scenes and flamingos. Paul Brent has also worked with several companies to create accessory furniture for the beach house with trays, tables and small cabinets. He has also worked with a jewelry company that creates cloisone' pins, necklaces, and earrings with tropical fish, dolphin, butterfly, and flamingo groupings in sterling silver and enamel.

Recently Paul Brent wrote a watercolor instructional book on how to paint in watercolor entitled Wonderful World of Watercolor with Paul Brent. The book is for both the beginner and the advanced watercolorist. He also illustrated the children's book, J. Rooker, Manatee. Another recent addition is a collection of kitchen textiles that include a mosaic shell design in towels, pot holders, placemats and an apron. Other new additions include rugs and bath mats in lighthouse, shell and flip flop designs.

Not content to paint the same subjects again and again, Paul Brent's new work is exploring new territory. From New England Scenes to Hawaiian island paintings, watercolors of Caribbean islands and palm tree paintings. He had even created a series of abstract musical instrument paintings and a series of cityscape paintings. These have proved popular with some of his younger fans. He created a series called Plantation Home of tropical scenes with a retro feeling and a collection of Mediterranean paintings called Costa del Sol.

Another popular group of watercolors by Paul Brent is centered on the subject of wine. This includes wine cellar paintings and detailed paintings of grapes, wine bottles and wine glasses. There is now a series of wine prints and grape prints as well as a tapestry throw and placemats in the wine theme.

Paul Brent continues to explore new regions in art and to work with manufacturers to bring new products to the market. Please visit the official Paul Brent web site,, to see the newest releases of Paul Brent art prints, apparel and beach home accessories.

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