Domenico Casasanta, Italian (1935 - )

Domenico Casasanta

Sculptor. He was educated at state schools in Sulmona, Naples (Italy) and Rome. From 1955 to 1958 he taught at the State Art School Marino (Rome), while started to work as a sculptor. In 1958 comes to Venezuela, where he began working as a designer and decorator. Subsequently engaged mechanical industrial processing of marble and electronic sound. In 1960 chromatic exercises performed on the surface using tables saw a grid demarcating aristados irregular edges, using color to create drawings that change slightly depending on the movement of the viewer. Restarts its activity in 1968 and listed his early sculptural ironwork.

His professional knowledge of construction materials and electronics led him to his first flirtations with brass, copper and silver, looking more painterly effect that design accuracy. That year he made a solo exhibition at the Art Gallery Industry (Caracas), which showed a greater interest in the pictorial effect of metals.

In this exhibition, Francisco Da Antonio he said: "to the extent that the sculptor assaults your stuff, new emerging factors of texture and color per se that so far not even proposed. Such findings have led to the implementation of stelae and reliefs in which the sculptural pose develops just based on such problematic "(1968). Between 1968 and 1972, he participated in the Salon Arturo Michelena and, in 1969, received the award XXX FVC Official Hall, with its integration work. In 1969 incorporates geometric shapes to work and makes columns on bases in circle, repeating virtually the cylinder. Then investigates and takes the form of parallelepiped and materials such as iron, wood and synthetic resins. In 1970 addresses the small format marbles come the first note in which formal continuity of the above.

Later explores the registration forms within the stone. In 1971 exhibits in the Gallery Track. At the end of 1971 met at the Plaza El Venezolano, by Armando Track initiative and under the auspices of the Cultural Plan Caracas, a set of his monumental works executed between 1968 and 1971. In 1972 participates in group exhibitions, including: "Unpublished works of Venezuelan painting" (The Bird that rained Gallery, Caracas) and "Sculpture Exhibition" (Palace of the Academies, Caracas). Individual performs the same year at the Ateneo de Valencia, Edo. Carabobo, and Tiffany Gallery in New York. From now explores alternatives purely optical and kinetic. In 1977 he traveled to Vancouver, Canada to participate in the "Wood Sculpture of the Americas", and makes a monumental piece for that city. "Throughout the entire path of sculptor constructivist find a vocation that could just go to Materico to reinforce the way, as far as the kinetic factor easing of the solid.

What should Casasanta kinetic understood, therefore, as an alternative subject to the general context of his work, but also as a resource destined to disappear as soon as his speech saturate levels currently moving the sculptor "(Da Antonio, 1973). In 1984 exposed in Room and Room Cadafe Ipostel, a collection of images from a research conducted jointly with Francisco Da Antonio since 1976. In 1985 the exhibition "A Century of Sculpture unprecedented in the valley of Caracas" exhibition featuring nearly 100 photographs of funerary monuments. In 1990 he made an installation at the Luis Munoz Marin Park of San Juan de Puerto Rico. In 1992, the National Newspaper Library (Caracas) presented "Stone angelic", 96 photographs depicting 100 years of unprecedented sculpture and artistic values ​​of the Southern General Cemetery. From his work has in its collection GAN four sculptures in marble cutting and polishing and soldering iron, made between 1969 and 1978.

Solo Exhibitions

1968 Industry Art Gallery, Caracas
1971 Track Gallery, Caracas / Plaza El Venezolano, Caracas / Club Puerto Azul, Naiguatá, Edo. Vargas
1972 Ateneo de Valencia, Edo. Carabobo / Tiffany Gallery, New York
1973 Arras Gallery, New York / "Recent Sculpture", MBA
1975 Gallery Art / Contact, Caracas
1979 Park Art Center, Valencia, Edo. Carabobo / Gallery Art / Contact, Caracas
1981 Euro-American Arts Center, Caracas
1984 Living Room Cadafe Ipostel
1985 "A Century of Sculpture unprecedented in the valley of Caracas" The Hoyada Station, Metro de Caracas
1991 "Marbles", Euro-American Arts Center, Caracas
1992 "Stone angelic", National Newspaper, Caracas


CVF Award 1969, XXX Official Hall
UC Award 1971, XXIX Hall Arturo Michelena
1972 Acquisition Prize, "First exhibition of the visual arts in Venezuela", MBA

GAN / Museum Soto / Rómulo Betancourt East Park, Caracas / UC

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