Tim Convery, American

Tim Convery

Convery’s designs are already a ubiquitous fashion statement up and down Commercial Street, featuring angular lobsters or geometric lighthouses with a cyrillicesque “Ptown” written below. Bright, fresh, and creative, Tim-Scapes designs have melded the art colony history of Provincetown with a creative take on the tourist economy of Cape Cod.

“I’m a hybrid of the high end art gallery and the tourist t-shirt shop,” says Convery, in his airy and energetic shop in the East End overlooking Commercial Street and the harbor. “I wanted to reinvent the souvenir t-shirt.”

The design aesthetic of Tim-Scapes began 20 years ago as a creative and memorable way to wrap presents for friends. Convery used duct tape, in a variety of colors, and would write his friends’ names or a message on the package. Friends began to save the wrappings. An ex-partner was the one who finally suggested he take the design and the duct tape to the next level. After years in New York City in the advertising and marketing world, Convery was ready for a change. Arriving in 2008, he began work as a massage therapist. He showed his work at the former Rogue’s Gallery last summer, which was very well received. Things really took off when he had the designs put on t-shirts and beach towels. Now he has dedicated himself to his art, his designs, and his new store.

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