John DeVlieger, American

John DeVlieger is one of America's most creative artists. His ability to master and integrate the styles and techniques of the masters (Renoir, Monet, Picasso, Michelangelo, Botticelli etc.) has earned him a special place in American art.

Educated in Pennsylvania, DeVlieger remains in his home area, while painting and lecturing at numerous schools and universities. His work has been collected by numerous private collectors as well as large corporations. He has received several awards and citations throughout his career.

DeVlieger has been commissioned to do a series called "Mix of the Masters", which incorporate the images and techniques of two different masters on one canvas. These paintings have been published and are available to collectors throughout the world.

John DeVlieger has pushed the boundries of his classical training to produce current works with vibrant colors, brillant light quality and contemporary themes. His oil paintings and trompe l'oeil murals reflect both the legacy of his traditional craft and his dynamic, imaginative perspective on life.

John welcomes commissions internationally. He has the versatility to produce on-site works or works on canvas for subsequent installation.

John was commisioned to work with designers to restore the world famous Russian Tea Room.

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