Michel Delacroix, French (1933 - )

Michel Delacroix

Michel Delacroix was born in Paris, France in 1933. He was educated at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. After two years, he interrupted his studies temporarily to work in set design, and for a short time he worked with Marcel Marceau. Upon graduating, he became an art teacher and as a teacher, Delacroix dabbled in several different styles of painting. With time, he established the one style that is attributed uniquely to him. Delacroix's primitive style in his paintings and graphics combines structure and detail, with rich color, to convey the bustling diverse activity of the streets of Paris, his native city. Delacroix is recognized as one of the most important primitive artist of our time.

Delacroix has had numerous one man shows as well as group exhibitions all over Europe. Among these are... 1972, Galerie Romi (Paris), Galerie 93 (Paris), Salon D'Automne (Paris), Salon Comparaison (Paris), Salon des Independents (Paris) ... 1973, Galerie Krull Kreffeld (Germany), Centre Culturel Francais (Luxemburg) ... 1974, I.K.I. (Dusseldorf), Arts Guild Exposition (Monte Carlo), Salon des Artistes Francais (Paris).

Delacroix has also received numerous awards in recognition for his outstanding primitive style of painting. These include... 1973 Prix Public, Prix Pro Arte (Morges, Switz.)...1975 Grand Prix des Amateurs D'Art (Paris) ... 1976 Prix de la Cotes D'Azure (Cannes) and Premier Prix des Sept Collines (Rome).

Today, Delacroix and his wife and daughter live on a small farm in the Loire Valley.

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