Jacques Despierre, French (1912 - 1995)

Jacques Despierre

Jacques Ceria Despierre (1912 Saint-Etienne in France - December 5, 1995 in Paris, France) is a French painter.

Jacques Despierre studied art with his father, the painter Ceria. Training at the School of Fine Arts in the workshop of Lucien Simon. He is friends among others with Jacques Villon, Marcel Gromaire and Charles Dufresne. Despierre is interested in research of the Cubists of the Golden Section. The architecture binds to nature. Searched and pure, geometric and slender, all his work offers colorful and highly dynamic compositions.

In the picture of Cubism, his painting can be justified and be linked as that of Cezanne by seeking strength and density of a reaction in the research of light and atmospheric effects that synthetic cubist, at least in the number of tables, tend to geometrize volumes in colors flicker. At the Academy of Fine Arts, Chu Teh-Chun was read on the occasion of his installation as a member of the painting section, "The light is so soft it communicates to the atmosphere of a kind sentimental color. [...] When he travels the canals of Venice or the ports of Holland, he fixed on canvas the mysterious dialogue of sky and water. He thus arrives by progressive counting, these battles gray and white where notes Jean Bouret, only account arabesque with a stroke of construction. "

The white waters of games is part of a group of paintings adorning the Enghien-les-Bains building under 1% artistic matters among the first sets in France in response to the decree of 18 May 1951 ornamental work for school architecture.

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