Edward Fields, American (19?? - 1979)

Edward Fields

A vanguard of the American design scene, Edward Fields Carpet Makers has been creating bespoke luxury carpets and rugs for over 70 years, known for unparalleled design, quality and craftsmanship.

Found in architectural landmarks as well as notable private residences across the country, Edward Fields' extraordinary custom capabilities have made it a trade secret among designers for decades.

On September 29, 1935, the day after Edward and Eleanor Fields’ wedding, the first showroom opens on East 47th Street in Manhattan. The couple spend their honeymoon setting it up.

Fields with the tufting device he and his brother Elliott developed, which comes to define the company’s signature hand-tufting texture. 'It takes six months to train a man to use the magic needle,' Fields said. 'And we have to train ten men to get one good one.'

1951 - Edward Fields makes the Associated Press list of the Top Ten Best Dressed Men alongside Bob Hope and General Dwight Eisenhower.

1953 - Edward Fields coins the phrase “area rug” and launches their first designer-collaborated collection—this one by renowned textile designer, Marion V. Dorn.

1955 - Edward Fields leases factory space in Flushing, Queens.

1960 – White House - An Edward Fields rug is installed in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House, under specification by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy’s interior designer, thus beginning a long tradition of partnership with the White House that continues to this day.

1962 – LA Showroom - Elliot Fields, Edward’s younger brother, opens the Edward Fields Showroom in Beverly Hills, which becomes host to legendary cocktail parties and serves a discerning celebrity clientele—a perfect fit for the company’s individualistic approach.

1967 – 59th Street Showroom - The Edward Fields showroom moves from its original space on East 57th Street to a larger space on 59th Street in Manhattan.

1977 – Groedel Collection - Edward Fields Carpet Makers launches a collection of rugs and tapestries by painter Burt Groedel.

1979 – Edward Fields Dies at the Age of 66 The American design community mourns the passing of an industrial pioneer. Fields is eulogized in the New York Times, Time, and a myriad of design publications.

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