George Hurrell, American (1904 - 1992)

George Hurrell

George Hurrell was born in 1902 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is perhaps one of the most recognized photographers of our time. You might say that he paved the way for the Scavullos’ of the world.

George Hurrell initially aspired to be a painter and so he moved to Chicago where he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Art Institute. Photography had also been an interest to him and so he earned his living by taking pictures.

He soon realized that photography had become a bigger passion then he had
intended and so he moved to L.A. There he met an actor named Ramon Novarro who in turn introduced George’s work to the people of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor. It wasn’t long after that Metro put him on salary.

Hurrell immediately started shooting Metro’s soon to be starlights and leading men, in a way that no other photographer had done before. Once he shot them, they were destined to become stars. His precision for detail, lighting and provocative poses combined, made every picture he took famous.

Some of his more famous photographs that you would recognize are; Greta Garbo, Hedy Lamarr, Gary Cooper and most notable is Jean Harlow on that
"special bear rug". Editions of gelatin photography by Hurrell are very much
collectibles among the today's elite.

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