Helmut Kand, Austrian (1946 - )

Helmut Kand

Helmut Kand grew up in Styria in Sankt Katharein on the Laming and Kapfenberg. In 1966, after the Matura at the Bruck an der Mur, a journey to Salvador Dalí followed to Portlligat. From 1967 he lived in Vienna, where he studied the Academy of Fine Arts, masterclass A.P. Gütersloh and Rudolf Hausner. In the summer of the same year, the first trip to Greece took place. The Cyclades Island of Ios became the summer residence and center of his artistic work.

In 1968 a meeting was held with Friedensreich Hundertwasser in Venice. Two years later Hundertwasser and Kand spent the same time in Rome. In 1969, at the opening of his exhibition in London's Ewan Phillips Gallery, Helmut Kand organized the public burning of his paintings. The ashes, filled in vials, were displayed. There are numerous trips and exhibitions all over the world.

Apart from the exhibitions, Helmut Kands has numerous art projects in public space, from 1967 with the "cyclist in the paradise garden", the "Kreuzweg" 1983, the "tattooed house" in Kapfenberg 1992, the "Seerosenhaus" in Leoben 1993, Atlantis Sound House "Vienna 1997, the painting of a combat aircraft in France 1998, the installation of a 6 m large sculpture in the Park of the German School Rome on Via Aurelia antiqua 2001, to the" Bruck an der Mur " of 2007.

Helmut Kand is an honorary citizen and calendar ambassador of Ios and Foreign Born Indonesian Artist.

In 2006 Heinz Fischer, President of Austria, gave Helmut Kand the title "Professor".

When Muscat / Oman was the cultural capital of the Arab world in 2006, Sultan Qabus ibn Sa'id Al Sa'id from 40 countries invited an artist to an exhibition. From Austria this was Helmut Kand.

Already in 1980, the ORF shot the first film about Helmut Kand. In 1985, the films "The only one kind of the wind" and "Eye-giving" followed.

In 2010 the artist's stamp Helmut Kand came out. Within the series "Modern Art in Austria" Österreichische Post publishes one artist's stamp each year, and the picture "Year rings of happiness and fragrance" (year of creation 2006) by Helmut Kand was selected for 2010.

Helmut Kand describes himself as a "poetic surrealist" and tries to interweave the poetry of humanism with the inevitable in his pictures. His flat sculptures made of wood, stainless steel or glass are just as characteristic as his paintings.

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