Violetta de Koszeghy, Hungarian (1928 - )

Violetta de Koszeghy a native of Budapest, Hungary, is not only one of the most gifted of artists, but is certainly one of the most distinguished.

Critics have praised Miss Koszeghy's oil paintings for excellence of technique, delicacy of fine detail, contrasts of light and dark, striking likeness and superb harmony of color. Her favorite subjects are beautiful women, figures, and classical portraits. She was commissioneed to paint a portrait of Mr. Douglas Goldring, famous English Writer; Hon. Dr. Louis Bagi, Senator in Switzerland; Mr. M. Rosengarten, wife of the President of Daitch Shopwell Supermarkets, and many others too numerous to mention. Her paintings also include a lovely florals and other enchanting compositions.

Miss Koszeghy has sold many paintings all over the world, many of which have been purchased by distinguished art collectors, such as Hon. Rudolf Otto in Vienna, Otto Schwerer in Baden, Australia, Leopold F. Landsberger in New York, U.S.A., Gunther Esser, Dusseldorf, west Germany. The late President Kennedy bought one of her paintings several years ago in Nicot Gallerie, Paris. She treasuers a letter ftom them, praising the painting; also from the late Princess of Grace of Monaco, Mickey Rooney and fromer Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

Following her studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Budapest, and Academy in Vienna, she travelled throughout the world and had many successful exhibitions in Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Australia, South America, Canada, and the United States.

Collection of her works have been shown at Bertuch Gallery, New York, and she showed with Knickerbocker, Artist, at the National Art Club. She has been exhibited in the past several years at Nicot Gallerie, Paris, Capri Galleria, Rome, Clemente Galleria, Rome, Piccola Galleria d'arte, Milano, Galleria della Duomo, Torino, Galerie am Opernring, Vienna, Rudolf Otto Gallerie, Vienna, Schoninger Gallerie, Munchen, Galerie am Isartor, Munchen, Esser Galerie, Dusseldorf, Galleria Internationale, Rion de Janiero, Eaton's Art Gallery, Vancouver, B.C., Van de Boer Art Gallery, Amsterdam, World's Art, Hollywood, Dolores Gallery, Seattle, Washington, manchester Lion's Club, Manchester, Connecticut, Little Gallery, New York, Ligoa Duncan, Gallery, New York, L'Atelier Galerie d'Art, Lutry, vaud, and Pipcus Galerie, Montreaux, Switzerland.

Ms. Koszeghy said she was interested in art since she was "just a little gift." She won prizes in elementary school and gave exhibitions when in high school. Her first teacher was her mother, a sculptor, but her entire family has excelled for several generations in various fields of the arts. Her grandfather, Stephan Kerner, was director of the Budapexst Roayal Opera House for many years. Her brother is an opera singer at the Royal Opera Company in Vancouver, B.C., and her husband is also a very successful artist and sculptor. 

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