Alain Le Yaouanc, French (1940 - )

Alain Le Yaouanc, born May 18, 1940 in Alençon (Orne), painter, cartoonist, sculptor, poet, writer, collagiste, engraver, illustrator, painter of theatre. Linked to surrealism by his collages, objects-his poems and writings and by applying it to architecture.

Le Yaouanc staying for the first time the USA in 1956, school Harmon Hall in York Harbour, Maine is at the time it executes its first drawings and paintings. In 1957, first exhibitions: in New Britain (Side Walk Art Show), the Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury, Connecticut, and the gallery Prigent in Rouen, in November of that year. In 1958, he took courses at the Art Students League of New York (there are obtained the second prize with other students for the representation of the "Luncheon Boaters", Edouard Manet, a tableau vivant) and installs its the first workshop at No. 8 Amsterdam Avenue.

He settled in Paris in 1965, makes his first collages. Meeting André Breton and Alejandro Jodorowsky. Attendance at the Festival of Free Expression at the American Cultural Centre (Le Yaouanc happening and Jodorowski May 24, 1965). Done knowledge of Patrick Waldberg in 1967 which presents a Aimé Maeght and participates in the following year at Living Art 1965-1968 at the Fondation Maeght, Saint-Paul de Vence, and the exhibition Treasures of Surrealism at Knokke-le-Zoutte in Belgium.

He participated in numerous exhibitions including: 1971: Agora 1 exhibition organized by the Galerie Maeght in Strasbourg; exhibition of lithographs and engravings Big Originales Illustrated Editions, Galerie Maeght, Paris; 1972, L'Estampe and Surrealism in the twentieth Century organised by New Vision; Art Without Borders, Isy Brachot, Brussels; 5th Biennial of Art, Ibiza, 1973: Surrealism exhibition still held by Patrick Waldberg in Italy, 1974: exhibition organized by Galerie Maeght International Centre exhibitions, Tehran; Fifth International Fair Poster, Warsaw, 1975: Presented by Jean Selz, participates in esposition roving contemporary paintings in the Far East, organized by the French Association of Artistic Action, 1978: Masters of the twentieth century, Galerie Odermatt, Paris; exhibition at Castle Vascœuil with the artists Michele Van Hout and the Beau Michèle Forgeois, 1980: Trends in European Modern Art. One Hundred Paintings, Pierre Cardin, New York.

He began his work architectural monuments in 1981 and presents under the french Festival in Abu Dhabi, a large marble marquetry; 1982: Ideal of a Cabinet Amateur, 93rd Salon independents, Grand Palais, organized by Pierre Cardin; Aragon and his century painter, La Courneuve, 1984: Conducts numerous exhibitions for the mosaics and marble inlays described two monumental Art Expo, Dallas, and the Texas Society of Architects in 1985, presented by the Journal of the twentieth century, many Other group exhibitions in France and abroad.

His first two exhibitions at the Galerie Maeght in 1969 and 1970 do meet Alain Bosquet and Louis Aragon, which publishes its first text on Le Yaouanc in Les Lettres Françaises in 1971. Among the many solo exhibitions: Palais des Arts and Culture of Brest, exhibition of oils on canvas, from February 2 to March 19, 1973; 1976: International Center for Reflections on the Future, a foundation Claude Nicolas Ledoux, Arc-et - Senans; Carmen Martinez Gallery, Paris; 1979: FIAC (International Fair of Contemporary Art), presented by the gallery Carmen Martinez; International Center for Meetings Sophia-Antipolis, Valbonne, 1981: guest of honour at the Salon de Rouen, the Museum des Beaux-Arts, 1984: Maison de la Culture, Metz, collage paintings, lithographs, exhibition organised by Mr Leo Banas, director, and presented by Lionel Ray; 1992: Pastor Gismondi Gallery in Monaco; 1994: exposure to inaugurate Foundation Elsa Triolet-Louis Aragon , Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelines, 1996: University of Poitiers; restrospective, Château de Saint-Ouen .

It performs in 1973 sets of Roland Petit ballet, La Rose Sick, inspired by William Blake, libretto by Jean Ristat. It publishes several albums of lithographs, including: Magnificat (1977) with poems by Guillevic, The Path of Ronde (1977) with a preface by Louis Aragon and one of its texts, Stone Upon Stone (1977) on a text by Louis Aragon. At the request of UNESCO, in 1985 he produced a poster for the exhibition Memories of Streets, memory of the world for the benefit of World Heritage. In 1988, he worked on several projects stamps. He makes a poster for IRCAM in 1991.

In 1998, Le Yaouanc sets permanently a work of architecture monumental marble (4.50 x 7m) at the Futuroscope in Poitiers, purchase of the General Council of Vienna for the University of Poitiers. In 1999, participation in the exhibition Small and Large bay windows at the Art Gallery of the General Council of Bouches du Rhone, Aix-en-Provence. Present in 2000 at the Fundacion BBK FUNDAZIAO in Bilbao, Leihoa Arteam - La ventana en el Arte.

The Yaouanc visited many times in Lebanon. Present at the show Simaa 2000, One man show Alain Le Yaouanc, it also describes his recent works (collages, drawings, gouaches, oils) Sursock Museum of Beirut. His architectural work on marble appreciated and there is a monumental work marble entitled "The Unit" (4.20 x 4.20 m) was inaugurated at Baabda Palace on November 20, 2000 by President Emile Lahoud. Alain Le Yaouanc is decorated on this occasion of National Merit Lebanese.

In 2001, Act southern exposure in Aix-en-Provence, Art Gallery of the General Council of Bouches-du-Rhone, on the theme of the bouquet. In December 2001 exhibition in Paris at the Square Rive Droite, Galerie Jean Louis Danant, recent works, 1996 - 2001. Exposure to Beirut, Galerie Claude Andraos, under the patronage of His Excellency Mr. Ghassan Salame, Minister of Culture. Participation in the Francophone Summit in Beirut. On this occasion, a publication of unpublished text by Louis Aragon, "La Petite phrase" Alain Le Yaouanc - Louis Aragon, preface by Jacques Leenhardt, by the Bank of the Mediterranean. The text is presented in the wake at the Salon du Livre in Beirut.

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