Michael Lord, Canadian (1954 - )

Michael Lord developed an artistic inclination at an early age and was encouraged by his aunt and his parents. The sale of a sculpture to a teacher while in Junior High School provided the incentive for him to pursue his vocation. To support himself after finishing school, Michael became an architectural millwright, and became adept at wood-working. During this period, he learned a new appreciation for natural elements, and gave up the security of a steady income to follow his first love - creation. He devoted his energy to his art full time beginning in 1980. He uses a variety of media, including steatite, alabaster and bronze.

Michael, his wife, Jennifer, and their children live on a acreage in central British Columbia. The picturesque setting overlooks two lakes in a truly idyllic venue. Many of Michael's subjects are frequent visitors to the acreage. Bear, deer, moose and coyote are among the guests, and household pets, including rabbits contribute to the over 50 Canadian wildlife species the artist depicts. Michael Lord is able to capture the essence of each animal he portrays through an ongoing study of nature. In detail he creates a slumbering bear, a graceful swan, or an inquisitive raven, each distinctive and true to character.

"The creative process chose me. Drawing, painting, sculpting has always been my way of expression. Whether my livelihood or not, I would always be doing these things. I have been blessed with love and support from family and friends. An appreciation of art has always been with me, inspired by my Aunt Phyllis and great encouragement from my parents and my wife Jennifer."

• Northern Telecom
• Finning Tractor
• Bell Telephone
• Canada Packers
• Mexican Consulate
• MacMillan Blodell
• 1991 "United Press Invitational", Vancouver, B.C.
• 1990 Y.P.O. Canadian Chapter Invitational, Vancouver, B.C.
• 1990 "Art Vancouver", Media Centre, Vancouver, B.C.
• 1990 Marion Scott Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
• 1989-1995 "Annual Endeavour Invitational", Vancouver, B.C
• 1985 Arbutus Village (Kerrisdale), Vancouver, B.C.
• 1983 International Foundation for the Arts, Vancouver, B.C.
• 1982 Festival Concert Society, Vancouver, B.Cc.
• 1981 Art Mosaic Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
• 1981 British Columbia Wildlife Federation, Vancouver, B.C.
• 1980 Sculptors Society of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.
• 1980 British Columbia Wildlife Federation, Vancouver, B.C.

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