Boc-Kyoo Park, Korean (1946 - )

Park Boc-Kyoo was born in 1946, Gwangju and graduated from Chosun university and the graduate school of Hon-Ik University. And he researched seriously about the traditional color of Jiok light and presently working for Sungshin Women's University.

Through his dual job as a painter and the teacher, he held 11 times of individual exhibitions in Seoul, Gwangju, Washington, Florida and New York. Particularly he worked as head professor of the western paintings and dean of the faculty of arts in Sungshin Women's University.

As his experience tells, the energy he has poured in his works was enthusiastic one and become his main energy for is 20 years long works continued under the image of deep sea that was his conversational topics at all times. This image started from the inspiration he got in the middle of 1970s when much of the deep sea remains were found in the water near Sinan. His works begun from the deep sea paintings have invited our sights into fantastic world as if we can touch the unknown substances therefrom. These paintings functioned as if it gives warm soothing feeling to those who have been fed up by the city life and wish to back to the rural area. His pains, love, passion and the future are soaked in the paintings.

Now, he creates all spaces into an illusion and obze which will reflect the past life. He awakens our emotion to note the huge broadness and mysteriousness of the deep ocean as the endlessly possible and imaginable substances.

Park Bock-Kyoo
1946 Born in Gwangju

Education and Career

1963 - 1966 Graduated from the high school affiliated to Chosun university.

1966 - 1973 Graduated from the department of fine art in Chosun University.

1976 - 1978 Graduated Graduate School, Hongik University

1990. 12 - 1991. 2 A guest professor of Stetson University in U.S.A.

1993. 12 - 1994. 12 An exchange professor of Stetson University of U.S.A.

Solo Exhibition and Group Exhibition

1978-1999 Solo Exhibition 11ȸ (Seoul, Gwangju, Washington, Florida, New York)

1984-2000 The Exhibition of Korea & Germany Fine Art Association (Seoul, German)

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