Antonio Peticov, Brazilian (1946 - )

Antonio Peticov

Antonio Peticov ( Assis, 1946 - ) is a painter, designer, sculptor and printmaker Brazilian.

Self-taught , at twelve years of age he was sure he wanted to walk the path of the arts . And to reach your goal , sought information in books and magazines. His artistic formation is constituted by systematic personal research in art history and its integration to the artistic avant-garde movements in the second half of the 60s .

In 1970 he moved to London, where he extended his studies. The following year, he transferred residence to Milan and, in 1986, he moved again, this time to New York, only returning to Brazil in 1999.

Throughout his career has applied its expertise in design, packaging and creating uniform, but always focusing on art.

Antonio Peticov participated in several exhibitions, among them:

Paulista Salon of Modern Art, New York, 1965, 66 and 6
International Biennial of São Paulo, São Paulo, in 1967, 69 and 89
Camden Arts Centre, London, England, 1971;
Situazione Symbol - Gallery San Fedele , Milan, Italy, 1973;
National Arts Center , New York , United States, 1979;
212 Galerie, Paris, France, 1983;
Labyrinth - GB Gallery , Rio de Janeiro , 1984;
SHO Gallery , Tokyo, Japan , 1988;
Antropofágico time with Oswald de Andrade , permanent installation in the Republic subway station, Toronto, 1990;
Music - Poster Museum , Curitiba and BANESTADO Gallery, Londonderry, 1992;
The Brazilian Art Exhibition, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 1995;
Creative Bulgarians Abroad - Modern Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1996;
Libros Artists - Institute of Graphic A. Oaxac , Oaxaca, Mexico, 1998.
" Art is the transformation of the ordinary into the extraordinary. "

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Its production is diversified and follows various trends of international avant-garde movements of recent decades. Performs various works, among them : the documentary Homo Faber (1978 ); installation Balli Ballet (1982), in Cloudwalk Farm, Connecticut (United States) and the sculpture The Golden Wall (1988 ), in the form of large spiral, named after the city of Aiuruoca (Minas Gerais) . In 1989 , presents the Natura Project - Pinheiros River in the 20th International São Paulo Biennial and in 1992, Natura Forest Project in Rio de Janeiro . Participates in various exhibitions including , International Biennial of São Paulo , in 1967 , 1969 and 1989; Overview of Brazilian Painting at MAM / SP, São Paulo , 1983; Highlights of Brazilian Contemporary Art at the MAM / SP, 1985; Brazilian Design Biennial, Curitiba, 1990; OFF Biennial in MuBE, São Paulo, 1996; Art Computer Support, at Casa das Rosas , São Paulo, 1997; Image of The Sound of Caetano Veloso.

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