Ron Rundo, American (1960 - )

Ron Rundo

As Ron Rundo escapes to his ancestral homelands in his artwork and in his heart, fortunately for us all, we get to enjoy his vibrantly colored ride.

Born in Queens, New York on Oct.14, 1960, Rundo endured the majority of his growing pains in what many refer to as "The Concrete Jungle". And it is there, in those streets, where Rundo has found his inspiration to create the stunning collection of art.

As a young adult Rundo studied oil painting and figurative drawing at the Arts Student League in New York City and at the renowned John Frederick Murray Studio. Rundo paints like an Old Master, his paintings imbued with a brilliant, masterful inner light, with the old tradition blended with Rundo's evolved technique and methods of application, resulting in his accomplished and distinctive style.

Rundo's stunning range of works include portraits, landscapes, wildlife, modern paintings and wall sculpture (bas relief).

As a working artist, Rundo designed and illustrated postage stamps for over 15 years, making stamps that received consistent coverage in trade publications
on their issuance.

Always pushing the limit of his art, Rundo devised a method of application to create a unique approach to creating wall sculptures. These wall sculptures
have evolved over time and now Rundo has designed a way to bring his painting skills into these amazing sculpted pieces.

From large sized oil on canvas and miniatures using watercolor on natural vellum to murals and wall sculptures, Rundo’s collection of exquisite works depict
intense, metaphorical scenes that are timeless.

From classical to contemporary, in his 27 years as a working artist, Rundo has created an impressive body of work.

"These paintings and sculptures express my interpretation of the world and illustrate my dedication to the classical style of making art. Employing this style, I strive to enhance and heighten the beauty found in nature, attempting to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary." - Ron Rundo

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